New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday October 10 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday October 10, 2020.
‘911!’ preceder – RENO
‘Ars Amatoria’ author – OVID
‘Believe me!’ – IMSUREOFIT
‘Puh-leeze!’ – ASIF
‘White-fronted’ or ‘chestnut-bellied’ birds – TITS
‘___ so!’ – ARE
Ad ___ – BIZ
Angry arenagoer, in slang – BOOBIRD
Area with limited access to supermarkets – FOODDESERT
Arouse – WHET
Bach’s ‘___, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ – JESU
Battle cry – ITSWAR
Battle cry – IMHIT
Color in a color printer – CYAN
Concept in Freudian psychology – EROS
Corona, in an eclipse – RIM
Court pro – STENO
Drinks sometimes garnished with 52-Down – MOJITOS
Enterprise once known as the California Perfume Company – AVON
Far-off explorer – SPACEPROBE
Fast-food order that had ‘all the flavor, one less layer’ – MACJR
Finally give in after initial pushback – BEND
French fries alternative, informally – TOTS
Global news concern of the mid-2010s – EBOLASCARE
Half of a 1960s pop group – MAMAS
Huff and puff – PANT
It goes around in circles – PLANET
It has a big pouch – PELICAN
Italian soccer club with three Champions League titles – INTERMILAN
Like some sound systems – HIFI
Longtime head of the Boston Symphony Orchestra – SEIJIOZAWA
Longtime music collaborator with Royce da 5’9′ – EMINEM
Lufthansa supplier – AIRBUS
Makes go – PROPELS
Clues – Answers
Makes up – COINS
Mass medium – LATIN
Material used for weaponry in ancient China as early as 500 B.C – CASTIRON
Music genre for Fela Kuti – AFROBEAT
No. on a check – AMT
Not eliminated – INIT
One of the Jackson 5 – TITO
Pint Night purchase – ALE
Pointless – NOUSE
Polite term of address – MAAM
Presenters, for short – MCS
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer – EGAN
Real piece of work? – ART
Recherché – ARCANE
Remote hiding spot? – SOFA
Requirement for some drilling: Abbr – DDS
Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer from New Orleans – FATSDOMINO
Salacious – RACY
See 38-Across – LIME
Sender of many unwanted messages – SPAMBOT
Smack! – WHAP
Someone in the picture – ACTOR
Surrender – CEDE
Tee, e.g – TOP
Tierra en el agua – ISLA
Traveler with a turbine – HOVERCRAFT
Tundra, e.g – BIOME
Turning the tables? – DJING
Vodka go-with – TONIC
What’s-his-name – JOESCHMO
Where people get in hot water – jacuzzis
Who ‘just keeps rollin’ along’ in a classic show tune – OLMANRIVER
Within – AMONG
___ Bartlet, president on ‘The West Wing’ – JED
___ good terms – ENDON
___ spider, creature named for its presence around train tracks – HOBO


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