Crossword Answers – Saturday October 10 2020


Here are the answers to Crossword puzzles Saturday October 10, 2020.
”Impossible!” – NOPE
”Shoot!” – ASKME
98-string instrument – TRIPLEHARP
Arborist’s procedure – GRAFT
Archaeological fragment – ASH
Beast on King Tut’s mask – COBRA
Big name in 18th-century European history – ANTOINETTE
Bryant preposition – NEATH
Burton’s mom in ”Roots” – TYSON
Capital not far from the Rockies – EDMONTON
Carnival crewperson – ROUSTABOUT
Chica, brevemente – SRTA
Code meant not to be broken – DOGMA
Comfortably – EASY
Do over – REENACT
Don’t stay in one’s lane – WEAVE
Either of two in the Bluetooth logo – RUNE
Env __ (Yale major) – SCI
Excerpt – PART
Fairly dry – SEC
First name on many an 1840s 48 Down – RALPH
Group ”working to end speciesism” – PETA
Guys set for life – MADEMEN
Had a text exchange – IMED
Half a miscellaneous pair – THAT
Hand-made props – CLAPS
He called Cubism ”more difficult than painting” – DEGAS
He was mentored by Althea Gibson’s coach – ASHE
Hockey Canada’s industrial sponsor – ESSO
Hurdle with logic games – LSAT
It had 300+ campus chapters in ’69 – SDS
Kool-Aid directive – STIR
Land from the water – STEPASHORE
Mama Bear, e.g – SOW
Many makers of 11 Down – THAIS
Monitor – WATCH
Negotiator of the first video-game royalty agreement – AFTRA
Offerer of ”the firstlings of his flock” – ABEL selection – ECARD
Partners of pleated skirts – HAREMPANTS
Plasma minus clotting proteins – SERUM
Point of a change’s beginning – CUSP
Powerful brick – ACADAPTER
Pronoun in Hiroshima – HIM
Pulled (down) – TORE
Push hard – HYPE
Revolutionary, stationary group – SPINCLASS
Ryder Cup contingent – TEAMEUROPE
Safe spaces – ARKS
Shape of some Tesla coil light – ARC
Sneak successes: Abbr – TDS
Something taken at the office – MEMO
Spectral array – HUES
Suspended course – SOUP
Swing shift? – TURNATBAT
Take in – LISTENTO
Talk follower or preceder – SHOP
The latest thing – NOW
They may be cleaning in motels – FEES
Toy type – PUG
Upsize, say – REPOT
Very slick – ADEPT
Where you could once see Montessori and Marconi – LIRE
Word from the Latin for ”recruit” – TYRO
Word on a Dumas first edition – TROIS
Written argument – ESSAY
Yielding – SPINELESS


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