New York Times Crossword Answers – Monday October 12 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Monday October 12, 2020.
Dee-lish!’ – MMM
‘Dude’ – BRO
‘Get Yer ___ Out!’ (Rolling Stones live album) – YAYAS
‘See? What’d I say!’ – TOLDYA
‘That was fortunate’ – GOODTHING
‘You did it all wrong!,’ e.g – CRITICISM
‘___ a stinker?’ (Bugs Bunny catchphrase) – AINTI
Actress Robbie of ‘I, Tonya’ – MARGOT
Actress ___ Rachel Wood – EVAN
Airing – ONTV
Analogy phrase – ISTO
Auto license issuers, for short – DMVS
Barely make it – EKEBY
Be in jail – SERVETIME
Brand of Irish cream liqueur – BAILEYS
Bullets and such – AMMO
Cartoon ‘devil,’ informally – TAZ
College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – COE
Corp. V.I.P.s – CEOS
Damage in appearance – MAR
Defendant’s excuse – ALIBI
Descartes who said ‘I think, therefore I am’ – RENE
Despise – ABHOR
Detroit pro team – LIONS
Electrical adapter letters – ACDC
Feedbag tidbit – OAT
Fireplace log holders – GRATES
Friendship – AMITY
Grow older – AGE
Have debts – OWE
Her: Fr – ELLE
Hill on a beach – DUNE
Important pipes – MAINS
Kind of cherry – BING
Kind of snack chip – NACHO
Lead singer for U2 – BONO
Letter container: Abbr – ENV
Like movies with considerable sex or violence – RATEDR
Limited kind of market – NICHE
Mash-up – AMALGAM
Meadow – LEA
Milk and cheese products, collectively – DAIRY
One holding people up – BANDIT
One of several on a superhighway – LANE
One who’s well-versed in the arts? – POET
Paris street – RUE
Parts of gas stoves – BROILERS
Pie ___ mode – ALA
Placed so as not to be found – HID
Polynesian kingdom – TONGA
Prefix with business or culture – AGRI
Prefix with cycle – TRI
Pretty ___ picture – ASA
Protein builder, informally – AMINO
San ___ (California city, informally) – FRAN
School founded by Henry VI – ETON
See 5-Down – GARDEN
Self-identities – EGOS
Seoul-based automaker – KIA
Sharp or sour in taste – ACIDY
Skatepark feature – RAMP
Skin care brand since 1911 – NIVEA
Some deep voices – BARITONES
Some facial jewelry – NOSERINGS
Special Forces headgear – BERET
State as fact – AVER
Stout and porter – ALES
Sweetie – HON
Sweetie – BABE
Tennis do-over – LET
The U.S. has East and West ones – COASTS
They were released from Pandora’s box – EVILS
Toy that hurts when you step on it barefoot – LEGO
Trite – BANAL
United States symbol – BALDEAGLE
When a plane is due to leave, for short – ETD
Where touchdowns are scored – ENDZONES
Winning a blue ribbon – BEST
With 50-Down, place that this puzzle grid represents – FLOWER
___ Fáil (ancient crowning stone) – LIA


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