The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Monday October 12 2020


Here are the answers to The Washington Post Crossword puzzles Monday October 12, 2020.
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“My Cousin Vinny” star – PESCI
“Perry Mason” network – HBO
“Très sexy!” – OOLALA
*Party drink in a bowl – FRUITPUNCH
*Pre-WWII aircraft used for postal deliveries – MAILPLANE
*School evacuation exercise – FIREDRILL
*Software help text – READMEFILE
35-Down seller – BAR
Actor Nick – NOLTE
Actress Gunn of “Breaking Bad” – ANNA
Actress Meyer of “Dragonheart” – DINA
Apple topper – STEM
Approx. takeoff hr – ETD
Biker’s stunt bike, briefly – BMX
Black gem – ONYX
Breathe out – EXHALE
Breeze creator – FAN
Brewery output – ALE
British mil. honors – DSOS
Burlesque wrap – BOA
Cake finishers – ICERS
Car radio letters – AMFM
Carpenter’s accessory that might hold the ends of the answers to starred clues – TOOLBOX
Costumes – GETUPS
Depends (on) – RELIES
Earthy pigments – OCHERS
Elicit – EDUCE
Fall behind – LAG
French monarch – ROI
French red wine with a physician in its spelling – MEDOC
Gardner who created Perry Mason – ERLE
Golf ball supports – TEES
Hall & Oates or Sonny & Cher – POPDUO
Haul with effort – LUG
Hertz rival – AVIS
Home for bees – HIVE
Hoops offenses – FOULS
Hyundai sedan – AZERA
Israeli diplomat Abba – EBAN
Jolson and Jarreau – ALS
Kicking partner? – ALIVE
Last bio – OBIT
Like challenging push-ups – ONEARM
Lowly worker – PEON
Maker of nonstick cookware – TFAL
Meet in competition – FACE
Mekong River country – VIETNAM
More like a wafer – THINNER
Novelist Jong – ERICA
Out of concern that – LEST
Owner of the restaurant NOLA – EMERIL
Pantomime – ACTOUT
Post-op areas – ICUS
Put points on the board – SCORED
Relinquishes formally – CEDES
Rinse or spin – CYCLE
Rival co. of Visa – AMEX
Royal flush card – ACE
Saintly aura – HALO
Salary increase – RAISE
Sampler’s sip – TASTE
Second-largest U.S. state – TEX
Shed feathers – MOLT
Soft slip-on – MOC
Source of some tweets – NEST
Space-saving abbr – ETC
Spiral-horned antelope – ELAND
Sports bar fixtures – TVSETS
Spring flower – IRIS
State in which astronauts float – ZEROG
State with a three-word capital – UTAH
T-shirt or polo – TOP
Tree trunk – BOLE
Underground chamber – CAVERN
Verizon ISP – AOL
Villain’s look – LEER
Villain’s look – SNEER
What docs prescribe – MEDS


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