New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday October 15 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday October 15, 2020.
‘I need to speak with you,’ briefly – AWORD
‘Old MacDonald’ sound – OINK
‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ setting – SEA
‘Yankee Doodle’ epithet that’s also the name of a food – MACARONI
‘You think that’s true about me?’ – AMI
1973 #1 Rolling Stones love ballad – ANGIE
A goose egg – NADA
A house may be built on it – SPEC
Autobahn hazard – EIS
Balls of yarn, fake mice, etc – CATTOYS
Big Alaska export – OIL
Big hopper – KANG
Bouncer’s equipment – TRAMPOLINE
Brand of spread for sandwiches and toast – VEGE
Burlesque accessories – BOAS
Capitulates – CAVES
Capote sobriquet – TRU
Cartomancy tool – TAROT
Catch – SNARE
Dweller in a eucalyptus forest – KOALA
Elflike – FAY
Embodied – TYPIFIED
English town known for its salt – EPSOM
Fishing spots – PIERS
Galas – DOS
Gas – RIOT
Gimlet garnish – LIME
Goes the distance – LASTS
Gossip – BLAB
Grades – MARKS
Have a loan from – OWETO
Holy Trinity part – SON
Hot alcoholic drink – TODDY
Ice cream container – TUB
Ingredient in a Cuban sandwich – HAM
Clues – Answers
Instrument played using circular breathing – DIDGE
Italian god – DIO
Key for Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ – EFLAT
Language that gave us ‘spunk’ and ‘slogan’ – ERSE
Letter-shaped part of a sink – PTRAP
Little ones – TOTS
Locale suggested by this puzzle’s theme – AUSTRALIA
Make a decision – OPT
Malcolm Gladwell best seller that explores the 10,000-hour rule – OUTLIERS
Nashville music mecca, informally – OPRY
Nickname for 18-Across, and a hint to how four answers in this puzzle are to be entered – DOWNUNDER
Noted example of corporate misconduct – ENRON
Novelist Santha Rama ___ – RAU
Ones coming for a ride? – REPOMEN
Performers of the ceremonial haka dance – MAORI
Piece of information – DATUM
S.I. V.I.P.s – EDS
Sardonic – WRY
Select – TAP
Spanish 23-Across: Abbr – SRA
Statue of ___, figure atop the U.S. Capitol – FREEDOM
Stone with curved bands – AGATE
Strand at the airport, maybe – FOGIN
They can be treated with warm compresses – STYES
Things with perks? – COFFEEPOTS
Time it takes light to travel .3 mm: Abbr – PSEC
Traditional gemstone for a seventh wedding anniversary – ONYX
Violinist Zimbalist – EFREM
Virginia Woolf’s ‘___ Dalloway’ – MRS
Web-footed mammals – PLATY
What it takes two to tie – THEKNOT
Where Achilles took a dip? – STYX
Whirled powers? – TORNADOS
Wood rich in tannins – OAK
___ culpa – MEA
___ de sel – FLEUR
___ Gawande, author of the 2014 best seller ‘Being Mortal’ – ATUL
___ Rebellion, 1808 uprising in New South Wales – RUM


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