New York Times Crossword Answers – Friday October 16 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Friday October 16, 2020.
‘It’s nobody’s fault’ – ACCIDENTSHAPPEN
‘Remove ___’ (in-app come-on) – ADS
‘We All Love ___: Celebrating the First Lady of Song’ (2007 tribute) – ELLA
‘Win some, lose some’ – THEMSTHEBREAKS
A few minutes after your Lyft arrives, say – ETD
Actor in ‘The Office’ and ‘The Hangover’ – EDHELMS
Actress Malone of the ‘Hunger Games’ films – JENA
Belligerent, in British slang – AGGRO
Big ___ (40-Across conference) – EAST
Brutes – APES
Bygone mode of transportation – ZEPPELIN
Cheek or lip – SASS
City in which Malcolm X was born – OMAHA
Conclusive proof provider – ACIDTEST
Cousin of a mole – SHREW
Defector, perhaps – EMIGRE
Depend (on) – HINGE
Didn’t merely peek – STARED
Door or window frame – CASING
Dutch painter Jan – STEEN
Easy pace – LOPE
Enormous in proportion – SEISMIC
Eponymous Dutch town – EDAM
Former presidential candidate who wrote ‘Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!’ – NADER
G.I. rations, for short – MRES
Go on tangent after tangent – RAMBLE
Graduation props? – HONORS
Group electing officers in Sept., maybe – PTA
Half of a jazz duo – ZEE
Hilton competitor – OMNI
Huff – SNIT
Incompetent execs – EMPTYSUITS
Inits. at the top of some brackets – NCAA
It’s not merely a yen – NEED
Jazz fan, presumably – UTAHN
Key chain? – ISLES
Lago di Como locale – ITALIA
Latin ‘Lo!’ – ECCE
Mentally exhilarating experience – HEADTRIP
Most valuable player awards? – OBIES
Nuclear fuel containers – RODS
Number often seen before a plus sign – AGE
One of a tribe of mythical warriors – AMAZON
Opposite of disregard – HEED
Peach part – FLESH
Place to buy and sell online – ETSY
Plate, e.g – DISK
Prince in ‘Frozen’ – HANS
Repudiate – DISOWN
Seconds, say – MORE
Sellout – HIT
Showboaty home run celebrations – BATFLIPS
Shuts down – HALTS
Singer Bareilles – SARA
Smoothie bar stock – ACAI
Starter follower – ENTREE
Statement of readiness – IMALLSET
Supermarket IDs – UPCS
Text message status – SENT
The ‘king of kings,’ per a famous sonnet – OZYMANDIAS
The People’s Princess, to the people – LADYDI
Used as a lair – HIDIN
What can come before long – ERE
What keywords are used for – ENCODING
Where gowns are worn, for short – ORS
Whiff – SCENT
Winter hrs. in Yellowstone – MST
Word before check … or a pattern alternative to a check – SPOT
Zoom call status – MUTED


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