New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday October 17 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday October 17, 2020.
‘Really? Is *nobody* on my side now?’ – ETTU
‘Veep’ actress Chlumsky – ANNA
‘___ never work’ – ITLL
About to explode, maybe – IRATE
Alternatives to Nikes – PUMAS
Blush – REDDEN
Brain wave readers, for short – EEGS
Brings home – NETS
Bronze: Lat – AES
Building supports – STUDS
Changed one’s tune, in brief? – DJED
Chemistry student’s expense – LABFEE
Disclaimer hinting at false humility – IDONTLIKETOBRAG
Do some supermarket work – RESTOCK
Ending with xylyl – ENE
Flamingo’s support, often – ONELEG
Flounder relative – SOLE
Follow – ENSUE
French dessert of fruit encased in sweet batter – CLAFOUTI
Goblins, old-style – HOBS
God with a chariot pulled by goats – THOR
Govt. research grant org – NIH
Grind – GNASH
Highlands memorials – CAIRNS
Hitting – ATBAT
Hunger (for) – LUST
Inexperienced with – NEWAT
Language from which ‘peyote’ comes – NAHUATL
Like Davy Jones’s locker – UNDERSEA
More repulsive – ICKIER
Morocco’s next-largest city after Casablanca – FES
NATO alphabet letter before Romeo – QUEBEC
Needing to be tucked in, say? – UNMADE
Newborn – NEONATE
No-goodnik – RAT
Old ___ – SAW
One of five depicted in this puzzle – PLUSSIGN
One side of the Ural Mountains – EUROPE
Ornaments – TRIMS
Overseer of millions at work, perhaps – CFO
Palindromic tennis champ of the 1990s – SELES
Paper alternative to plastic – CASH
Pattern of five shapes arranged like this puzzle’s central black squares – QUINCUNX
Political commentator Navarro – ANA
Present person – ATTENDEE
Puts away – EATS
Rackets – DINS
Reaction to an unexpected joke – SPITTAKE
Request before a deal – ANTEUP
Roman’s foe in the Gallic Wars – CELT
See 38-Across – TIGERS
Setting for ‘The Great Escape’ – STALAG
Sharpen, as a razor – STROP
Shout, in Chamonix – CRI
Site of Coleridge’s ‘stately pleasure-dome’ – XANADU
Some last a lifetime – BANS
Something to shoot for – PAR
SOS responder, for short – USCG
Summer Mass. hrs – EDT
Tailgate party sight – ICECHEST
Theater director Trevor with three Tonys – NUNN
Treaty signed by Carter and Brezhnev – SALTII
Type face? – EMOTICON
Unfortunate event – MISHAP
Whence a memorable emperor’s fall – RETURNOFTHEJEDI
Who definitely isn’t the real McCoy? – HATFIELD
With 61-Across, two-time N.C.A.A. football champs of the 2010s – CLEMSON
___ City (Baghdad district) – SADR
___ Yonath, 2009 Chemistry co-Nobelist – ADA


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