New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday November 21 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday November 21, 2020.
‘Isn’t it strange?’ – WEIRDHUH
‘Nevertheless …’ – ANDYET
‘So ___?’ – SOON
1, 2, 3, 4 … 11, 12, 14, etc – FLOORS
1980s cable competitor of CMT – TNN
28-pound debut of 1981 – IBMPC
3x platinum Kendrick Lamar song with the lyric ‘I was born like this’ – DNA
90s kid? – ASTUDENT
Ally of Britain during the Seven Years’ War – PRUSSIA
Alpha ___ Minoris (the North Star) – URSAE
Annual mass event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert – BURNINGMAN
Award winners – LAUREATES
Big Sky Conference sch – MSU
Bill and Hillary Clinton have each won one – IOWACAUCUS
Bird that sometimes sings in a duet – WREN
Blockage unblocker – STENT
Book before Deut – NUM
Bootlegger’s foe – TMAN
Cal Ripken Jr. or Pee Wee Reese – SHORTSTOP
Challenges for Roombas – RUGS
Closers of some boxes – TABS
Composer whose name is one letter off from an international peace grp – ENESCO
Condescending term of address – BUB
Couscous tidbit – PINENUT
Despotic boss – OGRE
Einstein referred to his endorsement of it as ‘one great mistake’ – ATOMBOMB
Expert on feet – POET
Extra shot at the slots – RESPIN
Finale of a radio countdown – TOPHIT
Foes of the Romans – GOTHS
Having a little of this, a little of that – RAGTAG
How model airplane parts are sold – INAKIT
Human Genome Project org – NIH
Humdingers – BEAUTS
In any possible way, in dialect – NOHOW
In ___ of – WANT
Joint – DOOBIE
Judith who was the second American woman in space – RESNIK
Juice – ENERGY
Last words? – OBIT
Latin word that’s 12-Down backward – ERGO
Lead agent on ‘NCIS’ – GIBBS
Like some ranking systems – ONETOTEN
Longtime locale of Mideast conflict – THESINAI
Machine in a particle physics lab, in brief – LINAC
Modern health risk, informally – ECIG
Natural ingredient in mouthwash – ALOEVERA
Neutral at worst – NOLOSS
Nonvital surgery target – CYST
Offer in advance – PREBID
Part of a box set, maybe – DVD
Part of a foot – HEEL
Record at the register – RINGUP
See 8-Down – MATATA
Shipment to a mill – IRONORE
Stock market recommendation – HOLD
Subject of Shakespeare’s line ‘Come, thou mortal wretch’ – ASP
Times table? – NEWSDESK
Titular android of early anime cartoons – ASTROBOY
Topic in artificial intelligence – TURINGTEST
Uncomplicated – ELEMENTARY
What unexpected problems may do – ARISE
What’s more – ANOTHERONE
With 45-Down, Disney song written by Elton John and Tim Rice – HAKUNA
___-fi – SPY
___/hr. (power meas.) – BTU


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