New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday December 10 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday December 10, 2020.New York Times Crossword Answers, New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday December 10 2020, new York times crossword Cheats on Thursday December 10 2020, New York Times Crossword Solutions

‘Check it out for yourself’ – GOSEE
‘I’m game if you’re game!’ – LETS
‘On again, off again’ love stories, say – SAGAS
‘Please, enough already!’ – OKOK
A constant celebration? – PIDAY
A window may go in it – JAMB
Clicking sound? – AHA
Colonial workers, maybe – ANTS
Cup holder – BRA
Curmudgeonly sort – HATER
Dermatologist’s concern – CYST
Discuss work outside of work, say – TALKSHOP
Discussed over Slack, say, in brief – IMED
Doctor’s order – SAYAH
Dog breed named after a region in Japan – AKITA
Factor for determining one’s grade in school – AGE
Female? – IRONMAN
Foil, e.g – BLADE
Frequent filers, for short – CPAS
Fried snack dusted with cinnamon sugar – CHURRO
Frigid – POLAR
Fuse box unit – AMP
Grassy plain of the Southwest – LLANO
Grp. that determines what a 24-Down is – USDA
Grp. that might hold a raffle – PTA
Herculean efforts – LABORS
Hill with no peak – MESA
Hometown hero of Louisville, Ky – ALI
Hope beyond hope – PRAY
Infirmary sight – COT
Informal word of agreement – YAH
Injection units, for short – CCS
It hits close to home – BAT
It may be glossed over – LIP
It shares a 1,650+ mile border with the U.S.: Abbr – ONT
Juice brand – POM
Lacking bite – TOOTHLESS
Like shark attacks – RARE
Like some residents on the Gulf of Aden – SOMALI
Little fella – SONNY
Longtime Life Savers flavor – PINEAPPLE
Magic 8 Ball, e.g – ORB
Main squeeze, in modern lingo – BAE
Novelist/essayist Susan – SONTAG
One on a slippery slope – SKI
Orthodontic challenges – GAPS
Persian, e.g – RUG
Player with a record 10 World Series championships – YOGIBERRA
Podcast host Maron – MARC
Pompeii, for one – RUIN
Q2 and Q3 maker – AUDI
Resistance figure – OMEGA
Réunion buddy – AMI
Rock’s Joan ___ & the Blackhearts – JETT
Sarcastic sentence ender – NOT
Sight at a winery – VAT
Sound track? – EARCANAL
Stretched (out) – EKED
Superficial inspection – SMELLTEST
Swingin’ – HIP
Top round steak, e.g – LEANCUT
Traveling figure, briefly – ETA
Were present? – ARE
What ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’ supposedly isn’t about – LSD
What’s anything but neutral? – ION
Wheedle – COAX
When repeated, ‘You get the idea’ – YADA
World’s largest theater chain – AMC
You may find a range of these: Abbr – MTS
___ Fields – MRS
___ Heep, David Copperfield rival – URIAH
___ Lock (PC key) – NUM
___ Millions – MEGA
___-green – PEA


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