New York Times Crossword Answers – Monday February 22 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Monday February 22, 2021.
All righty then …’ – OKNOW
‘At ___, soldier!’ – EASE
‘Jeez, lighten up, will ya!’ – GIMMEABREAK
‘Look what I did!’ – TADA
Abbr. below ‘0’ on a phone – OPER
Abode in Aachen – HAUS
Actress Rowlands – GENA
Alternatively – ELSE
Andean animal valued for its wool – ALPACA
Animals in a yoke – OXEN
As expected – ONCUE
Author/journalist Quindlen – ANNA
Bar from the bathroom? – TOWELRACK
Bigheadedness – EGO
Black-tie charity event, maybe – GALA
Bombarded, as with questions – PEPPERED
Caboose’s location – REAR
Cove – INLET
Earns – MAKES
Enough – AMPLE
Évian and Perrier – EAUS
Extreme pain – AGONY
Fare for aardvarks – ANTS
Fat-removing surgery, for short – LIPO
Faux fireplace items – GASLOGS
Game suggested by the ends of 20-, 38- and 55-Across and 11- and 34-Down – POOL
Get stuff ready to go – PACKUP
Grammy winner ___ Nas X – LIL
Great Lake with the smallest volume – ERIE
Gun, as an engine – REV
Had dinner at home – ATEIN
Ham it up – EMOTE
Hocus-___ – POCUS
How extraterrestrials come, we hope – INPEACE
Iditarod terminus – NOME
In a while – ANON
Insect you may swat away – GNAT
It may say ‘Forever’ – STAMP
Italian city known for its salami – GENOA
Key for Debussy’s ‘La fille aux cheveux de lin’ – GFLAT
Kind of soup often served at a sushi bar – MISO
Letters on love letters – SWAK
Like medical expenses you pay for yourself – OUTOFPOCKET
Literary Emily or Charlotte – BRONTE
Long (for) – YEARN
Long-running CBS drama – CSI
Lucy of TV’s ‘Elementary’ – LIU
Muse’s instrument – LYRE
Mythical woman after whom element 41 is named – NIOBE
Ode or sonnet – POEM
On/off device – VALVE
Once more – ANEW
One of thousands in a Rose Bowl float – PETAL
Order to someone holding a deck of cards – DEAL
Pieces of evidence in court – EXHIBITS
Places for tiny U.S. flags – LAPELS
Players in a play – CAST
Prussia’s ___ von Bismarck – OTTO
Ram’s mate – EWE
Replacement for the lira and mark – EURO
Score in hockey – GOAL
Shrink in fear – COWER
Sign of online shouting – ALLCAPS
Speaker’s platform – DAIS
Sprinted – RAN
State school SE of Columbus, in brief – OHIOU
Suffering – TORMENT
Tail-less cat – MANX
The ‘I’ of I.M.F.: Abbr – INTL
Think (over) – MULL
Turkey drumstick, e.g – LEG
U.S. intelligence org – NSA
U.S.S.R. intelligence org – KGB
Ukraine’s capital, to Ukrainians – KYIV
Welsh ___ (dog) – CORGI
What a wheel connects to – AXLE
What holds up an ear of corn – STALK


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