The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Wednesday April 7 2021


Here are the answers to The Washington Post Crossword puzzles Wednesday April 7 2021.
“Awake and Sing!” dramatist – ODETS
“Bad, Bad” Brown of song – LEROY
“Narcos” org – DEA
“Oh dear!” – ALAS
“Science Guy” Bill – NYE
“Sons of Anarchy” actor Rossi – THEO
“The Banana Boat Song” opener – DAYO
“Yada, yada, yada” – ETCETERA
“__ imagining things?” – AMI
*”Cheese stands alone” kids’ song title guy – FARMERINTHEDELL
*Metaphorical insect observer – FLYONTHEWALL
*Old-fashioned parting words – FARETHEEWELL
*Second Commandment prohibition – FALSEIDOL
Basic French verb – ETRE
Bath bathroom – LOO
Bear voiced by Ned Beatty in “Toy Story 3” – LOTSO
Blood: Pref – HEMA
Came down – ALIT
Certain Tibetan – LHASAN
Constellation bear – URSA
Delhi wrap – SARI
Designer bag brand – PRADA
Doth possess – HATH
Doze – NOD
Drove back – REPELLED
Early Briton – PICT
Elevation word – HIGH
Eloper’s acquisition – INLAW
Eve’s opposite – MORN
Fashion variable – HEMLINE
Figurative expression – TROPE
Fri. preceder – THU
Fruit drink prefix – CRAN
Geologic spans – EONS
Get wind of – HEAR
Go to pieces, or what’s literally hidden in the answers to starred clues – FALLAPART
Go __: hit to right field batting right-handed, say, in baseball lingo – OPPO
Grandson of Eve – ENOS
Heroic sagas – EPICS
Jazz legend Fitzgerald – ELLA
Just okay – SOSO
Little pigs number – THREE
Lover of Euridice, in a Monteverdi work – ORFEO
Maker of nonstick cookware – TFAL
Many printer jams – MISFEEDS
Maytag rival – AMANA
MLB pitcher Dock profiled in the 2014 film “No No: A Dockumentary” – ELLIS
Mormons’ gp – LDS
No longer using – OFFOF
Not as bright – PALER
Old copy – MIMEO
One shared at a campfire – TALE
Parroted – APED
Performs like Missy Elliott – RAPS
Political commentator Navarro – ANA
Praised highly – EXALTED
Ran through a reader – SWIPED
Raw bar mollusk – OYSTER
Ruckus – FRAY
See stars – REEL
Sherpa’s home – NEPAL
Skeleton prefix – ENDO
Sounds of disgust – UGHS
South Carolina state tree – PALMETTO
Sun: Pref – HELIO
Sunrise dirección – ESTE
Tally again – READD
Tandoori breads – NAANS
Trying to block – ANTI
Walk with a swagger – STRUT
Was ahead – LED
When some dinners are served – ATSIX
Widen, as pupils – DILATE
__ buco – OSSO


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