New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday April 8 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday April 8 2021.
‘A snail can sleep for up to three years’ and others – FACTS
‘Adam Ruins Everything’ airer – TRUTV
‘Who we are’ page – ABOUTUS
‘You saved me!’ – MYHERO
‘___ queen!’ (slangy affirmative) – YAS
2003 #1 Outkast hit – HEYYA
A pup is a young one – OTTER
A pup is a young one – DOG
Airer of political parodies, briefly – SNL
All there – SANE
Barge haulers – TUGS
Beginning of the Constitution: Abbr – ARTI
Belly trouble – ACHE
Big gobbler – TOM
Big meanie – OGRE
Bit of publicity – PROMO
Boaters, collectively? – QUAYDEMOGRAPHIC
Boss of a bo’s’n – CAPN
Bring down by coup, e.g – DEPOSE
Category – TIER
City in the Rio Grande Valley with a historic namesake – ALAMO
Completely retire from boating? – FOREVERMOOR
Cry on arriving for a boating trip? – WHATSUPDOCK
Cut off – SEVER
Dallas N.B.A. player, in brief – MAV
Deep-pocketed – RICH
Deployed, as a sailor – ASEA
Dino : the Flintstones :: ___ : the Jetsons – ASTRO
Drink originally called ‘blanc-cassis’ – KIR
Emerald is a variety of it – BERYL
Encouraging words – YOUGOTTHIS
Enjoy oneself festively – BEMERRY
Exact – WREAK
Fashion accessories that shed – BOAS
Flamenco shout – OLE
Flying monsters in Dungeons & Dragons – ROCS
Futuristic delivery device – DRONE
Galactic conquerors of film – SITH
Grab hold of – NAB
Hard ball? – FIST
Hardest part of a date – PIT
Having no application – MOOT
Hidden addresses, for short – BCCS
Inflation fig – PSI
Input – ENTER
iRobot product – ROOMBA
Island where it once rained for 331 days straight – OAHU
Language written in the Devanagari script – HINDI
Like idols – ADORED
Look upon with disgust – ABHOR
Meanspirited – UGLY
Minor performer? – CHILDACTOR
Org. concerned with air bags? – TSA
Paxil may alleviate it, in brief – OCD
Physics Nobelist who developed an early model of the atom – BOHR
Power point? – SOCKET
Prominent focus for a navel-gazer? – OUTIE
Psalm starter – OGOD
Rapper with a hyphenated name – ICET
Second staff in many an orchestral score – OBOES
Sic legal on – SUE
Source of a purple puree – ACAI
Spoiling one’s attendance record, say – TARDY
Spring time – LENT
Student ___ – DEBT
Take in – EAT
That’s some story – TALE
The customer’s right, at times – REFUND
Title for the entitled, maybe – SIR
Upper atmosphere, with ‘the’ – ETHER
Verbal equivalent to a nod of the head – ISEE
Victor who wrote ‘Odes et Ballades’ – HUGO
Watery shade – AQUA
Weary boater’s welcome sight? – APIERONTHESCENE
When Tatum O’Neal won her Oscar – ATTEN
Wikipedia, e.g – SITE
Wins undeservedly over – ROBS
___ Klebb, Bond villain in ‘From Russia With Love’ – ROSA


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