New York Times Crossword Answers – Wednesday April 14 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Wednesday April 14 2021.
‘The Barber of Seville,’ e.g – OPERA
Actress Jessica – ALBA
Actress who said ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’ – MAEWEST
Ages and ages – EON
Allow to – LET
Ally in Super Mario games – TOAD
Amiss – AWRY
Apt name for a thief – ROB
Attention-grabbing – FLAMBOYANT
Bad thing to have on a record, in brief – DWI
Bae – HON
Barton of the Red Cross – CLARA
Before now – AGO
Brother – FRA
Burn – SEAR
Byes – TATAS
Castle wall – RAMPART
Comeback – ECHO
Completely exhausted – BONEWEARY
Congressional hearing airer – CSPAN
Cry before ‘Who goes there?’ – HALT
Cry upon arriving – HEREWEARE
Director Kazan – ELIA
Dish that may be eaten with either chopsticks or a spoon – RAMEN
Disney queen who sings in an ice palace – ELSA
Double-reeded aerophone with keys – OBOE
End of a blessing – AMEN
Expensive Italian car, informally – LAMBO
Financial guru Suze – ORMAN
Golf hole starter – TEE
Guitar accessory – CAPO
Hues that rhyme with ‘hues’ – ECRUS
Impulsively – ONAWHIM
Kind of clef preceding notes usually played with the right hand on a piano – TREBLE
Kind of sauce – TARTAR
King quoted as saying ‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is / To have a thankless child!’ – LEAR
Magnifier, e.g – LENS
Makes frescoes or murals – PAINTS
Mauna ___ Observatory – LOA
Medicare section – PARTB
Medium power? – ESP
No longer active: Abbr – RET
Objects – SAYSNO
Observe Yom Kippur – ATONE
One extending a library book loan – RENEWER
One followed by nothing? – TEN
One putting out feelers? – INSECT
One round at a tournament – SEMIS
One-named rapper with the 2015 #1 album ‘The Album About Nothing’ – WALE
Order at an ice cream parlor – MALT
President Garfield’s middle name – ABRAM
Regretted – RUED
Rich soil – LOAM
See 60-Across – SHEEP
Send – ELATE
Shady alcoves – ARBORS
Shoulder muscles, for short – DELTS
Sicilian spewer – ETNA
Slight – MERE
Smart society – MENSA
Some G.I. wear, in brief – CAMO
Spanish attention-getter – OYE
Specialty – AREA
Spring recreation? – TRAMPOLINE
Start of a giant’s chant – FEE
Stews – FRETS
Sub at the office – TEMP
Supplement – ADDTO
This cluue has one, apparently – TYPO
Trims – ADORNS
Tylenol alternative – MOTRIN
What a good Samaritan offers – HELP
What may raise a big stink? – SEWER
What the giant Argus has 100 of, in Greek myth – EYES
With 61-Across, advice for an insomniac … or what you can do 12 times in this puzzle, reading across and down (not including this answer) – COUNT
___ Cinemas (theater chain) – REGAL
___ Decimal System – DEWEY
___ monde (fashionable society) – HAUT


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