Universal Crossword Answers – Monday July 5 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Monday July 5 2021.
“Aw, jeez!” – MAN
“Frozen” character with a carrot nose – OLAF
“Gotcha” – ISEE
“The Tell-Tale Heart” writer – POE
“Up, up and ___” – AWAY
3, 4 or 5 strokes, often – PAR
Accomplish, as a goal – ATTAIN
Adjective for back legs – HIND
Advanced degs – PHDS
Asian sea that’s drying up – ARAL
Badlands herd member – BISON
Baldwin of “Beetlejuice” – ALEC
Big biblical boat – ARK
Big leagues – THEPROS
Blood vessel blocker – CLOT
Bring to court – SUE
Broody rock genre – EMO
Catch in a web – ENMESH
Crush competitor – FANTA
Cry after a bad tennis serve – FAULT
Cushiony sneaker part – INSOLE
Disaster relief org – FEMA
Doorway part – JAMB
Down in the dumps – LOW
Enjoy, as a meal – DINEON
Forest florae with fronds – FERNS
Fury – IRE
Going for a jog alongside actor Hudson? – RUNNINGWITHROCK
Good to go – SET
Gulf State leader – EMIR
Horse height unit named for a body part – HAND
In the past – AGO
Indian dish with lentils – DAL
It might be dropped for effect – MIC
Jaden, to Jada Pinkett Smith – SON
Just released – NEW
Lamb’s mom – EWE
LeBron James’ team – LAKERS
Letters between names – AKA
Like helium but not hydrogen – INERT
Lowly laborer – DRUDGE
Maori ceremonial dance – HAKA
Margarita garnish – SALT
Money in Marseille – EURO
Not just like – LOVE
Of two minds – TORN
One may spend hours on TikTok – TEEN
Outing with a dog – WALK
Parented – REARED
People who aggressively sell to hair salons? – SCISSORSPUSHERS
Person who’s manipulated – PAWN
Picks up on – SENSES
Pink Lady or Granny Smith – APPLE
Pizzazz – BRIO
Place for a pocket – HIP
Place to get a latte and work on a challenging thesis? – HARDPAPERCAFE
Poem of praise – ODE
Pool shark’s stick – CUE
Primary – MAIN
Product launches – ROLLOUTS
Result of a brainstorming session – IDEA
Runs for it – FLEES
Scottish boys – LADS
Shades maker – RAYBAN
Sine ___ – WAVE
Svelte – TRIM
Ta-Nehisi who wrote “The Water Dancer” – COATES
Tacks on – ADDS
Teething relief brand – ORAJEL
Totally chill dude – MRCOOL
Traveling with a passport, perhaps – ABROAD
University of New Mexico wolf – LOBO
Unrepeated event – ONEOFF
What a student may swipe – IDCARD
What a white flag signals in an auto race – FINALLAP
Word between names – NEE
Word with “floss” or “insurance” – DENTAL
___-Saxon – ANGLO


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