New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday July 8 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday July 8 2021.
‘Antiques Roadshow’ determination – WORTH
‘Buona ___’ – SERA
‘Hamilton’ won one in 2015 – OBIE
‘Look what we have here!’ – WELLWELL
‘Su-u-u-ure’ – IBET
‘Warm’ – NEAR
‘___ Father …’ – OUR
2001 Broadway hit with an exclamation mark in its name – MAMMAMIA
A word in passing? – YEA
Baseball, e.g – ORB
Basket made from behind the arc – TREY
Beethoven, to Haydn – STUDENT
Best in a film audition, say – OUTACT
Big speedway sponsor – STP
Certain flag position – HALAMAST
Cheese that’s often grated – ASIAGO
Coffee liqueur originally from Jamaica – TIAMARIA
Collect dust – SIT
Composer Bartók – BELA
Conductor Georg – SOLTI
Creature whose eyesight has four to five times the acuity of humans – EAGLE
Dazzle – WOW
Ending with some large numbers – AIRE
Eroded, with ‘away’ – ATE
Fashionable – ALAMODE
Feeling ‘Whew, that was close!’ – RELIEVED
Figure in a horror film – WOLAMAN
Frenzied – INAPANIC
Funny Poundstone – PAULA
Guiding light – BEACON
Intertwine – ENLACE
It can be two-way … with a hint to four squares in this puzzle – RADIO
It’s always getting into hot water – TEABAG
Jules who lent his name to an article of attire – LEOTARD
Libel or slander – TORT
Like some museum exhibits – ONLOAN
Like tom yum soup – THAI
Look lecherously – OGLE
Low island – CAY
More egocentric – VAINER
More slick, in a way – OILIER
Nashville-to-Louisville dir – NNE
Not amplified, in a way – OFAMIKE
Not catch – MISS
One of the ‘Big Four’ domestic carriers, once – TWA
One who has spent years at sea – OLDSALT
Onetime record label with a poetic name – ODE
Oppressive boss – OVERLORD
Piano performance in an old music hall – RAG
Progressive people? – AGENTS
Puts on top of – ADDS
Rich, but not born that way – SELAMADE
Salaam, e.g – BOW
Sections of online dating profiles – BIOS
Set down on paper, as music – NOTATE
Sets down on paper – WRITES
Short shorts – HOTPANTS
Slipped – ERRED
Some change – COINS
Some women’s donations – OVA
Something to meditate on – YOGAMAT
Sound a biker doesn’t want to hear – SSS
Specialty of Franz Schubert – ARTSONG
St. ___, neighborhood in north London – ANNS
Standing – STATUS
Strike caller – UMP
Symbol of strength – OAK
Things that may be classified – ADS
Thor, for one – AVENGER
Town tour guides – AREAMAPS
Upper: Ger – OBER
Very beginning? – VEE
Windfall – BOON
Wit – WAG
Wrap up – ENFOLD


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