Universal Crossword Answers – Thursday July 8 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Thursday July 8 2021.
“31 Days of Oscar” network – TCM
“Groundhog Day” director Harold – RAMIS
“It’s true!” – FACT
“The King’s Speech” actor Colin – FIRTH
“The ___ for home lives in all of us” (Angelou) – ACHE
Actress Fawcett whose name is alliterative – FARRAH
Artist Magritte – RENE
Asian country where ice cream was invented, many say – CHINA
Berry in a rain forest – ACAI
Better ___ (superior to) – THAN
Button on a library’s website – RENEW
Capital of Jordan – AMMAN
Cheesy Mexican munchie – NACHO
Confer a Medal of Honor upon, say – DECORATE
Cream of the corp.? – EXECS
Cross off – XOUT
Darling – DEAR
Daytona 500 org – NASCAR
Ding or scratch – MAR
Doc treating laryngitis – ENT
Doodled – DREW
Eat between meals – NOSH
Extra NBA periods – OTS
Fashion style inspired by a music genre – EMO
Faux pas – GAFFE
Fictional pursuer of a white whale – AHAB
Flared dress style – ALINE
Flour for naan and chapati – ATTA
Foot “insertion point,” at times – MOUTH
French friend – AMI
Hairstyle that’s grown out – AFRO
Half a wet-weather pair – GALOSH
How a parent and child may walk – HANDINHAND
Inapt rhyme for “adore” – ABHOR
Itemizer? – MATCHMAKER
James with six Grammys – ETTA
Joined up with – MET
Language with no capital letters – ARABIC
Lawyers’ businesses – FIRMS
Louisville’s river – OHIO
MacOS version named for a California mountain range – HighSierra
Metcalf of “Lady Bird” – LAURIE
Outraged – MAD
Over yonder, at sea – THAR
People may drop them subtly – HINTS
Place for a white whale – OCEAN
Really gets to – IRKS
Related (to) – AKIN
Rights advocacy org – ACLU
Site of the Taj Mahal – AGRA
Small dish – SIDE
Some have lattice crusts – PIES
St. Patrick’s Day brew – IRISHALE
Stubborn animal – ASS
Suffix for “auction” – EER
Teeming (with) – RIFE
Tenderizer? – BANKTELLER
Tepid reaction – MEH
Tollbooth feature – GATE
Tons – GOBS
Tough – HARD
Tricky fourth-down play – FAKEPUNT
Unremarkable – HOHUM
Valuable metal container? – LODE
Verbal facepalm – DUH
Ward (off) – FEND
Website code – HTML
What a rolling stone eventually comes to – REST
What to give to a giver? – THANKS
What we’re told to tell – THETRUTH
Withstand – BEAR
Word after an Oxford comma – AND
Word with “fine” or “visual” – ARTS
___-me (small clone) – MINI


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