New York Times Crossword Answers – Tuesday July 13 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Tuesday July 13 2021.
‘Awesome!’ – SWEET
‘Kill the ump!,’ e.g – CRY
‘Mm-hmm, it’s clear now’ – ISEE
‘Orinoco Flow’ singer – ENYA
‘That’s disgusting!’ – EWW
‘Voilà!’ – HEREITIS
‘Yo, what’s happening’ – SUP
Actor Foxx of ‘Sanford and Son’ – REDD
Address every aspect of something – COVERALLTHEBASES
Air-condition – COOL
An umpire’s outstretched arms signifies this – SAFE
Apportion – ALLOT
Attack with a low flyover – STRAFE
Babe in the woods – NAIF
Be inclined (to) – TEND
Beethoven’s ‘Für ___’ – ELISE
Bit of cunning – WILE
Bro and sis – SIBS
Bygone G.M. product, informally – OLDS
Camper’s annoyance – INSECTBITE
Certain worker in a stadium – USHER
Cockamamie – NUTSO
Early record player – GRAMOPHONE
Effortless – FACILE
Electrical unit – WATT
Email about big lottery winnings, usually – SCAM
Go over terribly with an audience – BOMB
Gush praise – RAVE
Happened to, poetically – BEFALLEN
Illegal payment – BRIBE
Impersonate – POSEAS
In the know – AWARE
Iowa college town – AMES
Jazz legend Fitzgerald – ELLA
Kind of pitcher – RELIEF
Kinda-sorta: Suffix – ISH
Like a team on a day off – IDLE
Member of the first family – ABEL
Money to tide one over – LOAN
– Not off one’s rocker? – SEATED
Oddly and unexpectedly – OUTOFLEFTFIELD
One for the road? – TIRE
One way boats come – ASHORE
One way to ‘play it’ – BYEAR
One way up a mountain – TBAR
One who’s radio-active? – CBER
Opposite of post- – PRE
Outburst in a nursery – WAH
Part of a wineglass or watch – STEM
Piece of pub furniture – STOOL
Pitchers – EWERS
Potters’ materials – CLAYS
Prestigious sch. in metro Boston – MIT
Prey for a lion – GNU
Proficient – ADROIT
Pseudonym of the essayist Charles Lamb – ELIA
Ram’s ma’am? – EWE
Response to a sting – OWOW
Sail the seven ___ – SEAS
Self-defense spray – MACE
Send, as payment – REMIT
Shelters once made from buffalo skins – TEEPEES
Situation that starts things completely over – WHOLENEWBALLGAME
Smart-mouthed – SASSY
Snide question to one issuing a challenge – WHOYOU
Strain, as one’s brain – RACK
Supervillain in Marvel comics – ARES
The outsiders – THEM
Things assayers assay – ORES
Ticker-tape parade honoree – HERO
Tiny – WEE
Took care of – SAWTO
Transform, as from one being into another – MORPH
Transportation in a Duke Ellington tune – ATRAIN
Units in a homecoming parade – FLOATS
Use the return key for – ENTER
What gibberish makes – NOSENSE
___ Sabe (the Lone Ranger, to Tonto) – KEMO


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