New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday July 15 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday July 15 2021.
‘Along ___ spider …’ – LACROSSE
‘Delish!’ – YUMYUM
‘Excuse me’ – LALALA
‘___ Sexy’ (1991 dance hit) – IMTOO
A scallop has up to 200 of these – TENS
Actress Birch – SEEM
Appear – KITE
Apple devices run on it – LHASAAPSO
Book after Joel – ESL
Brass band sound – TIP
Brown powder – BLAME
Brown powder – RIAA
Certain warhead transport, in brief – TRASH
Certifier of music sales, for short – ARF
Classic comedy figure who sported a bowl cut – MOE
Clickable things – CAROB
Compadre – REEDY
Costa ___ – IDOL
Cultivars known for their yellow flesh – PARDON
Do some patching, say – ENERGYUSE
Dock – MOOR
Easy two-pointer – ALTO
Fan fave – CAMEA
Flubs it – HARPS
Focus problem, for short – ROO
Genre for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – NACRE
Get cozy – ESSE
Green power option, informally – WHYYOULITTLE
Have – PAL
Headgear for many an extreme athlete – SEW
Joey of children’s fiction – TAO
Kennel sound – AFRO
Kind of saxophone – STAGE
Lone Star State athlete – COKES
Low culture, disparagingly – OBEISANT
Melodramatist – NESTLE
Metric of grossness – YUCKFACTOR
Mine find – ERRS
Mother-of-pearl – CLEAN
Motorola smartphone – YOUTH
Neaten – ASTRO
Night sch. class – THORA
Not Ready for Prime Time Players show, for short – SPEEDTRAP
Not so cold – SKA
Not using profanity, as a comedian – OPED
Palm part – ALKA
Phoenix and Washington, e.g – OOMPAH
Point a finger at – IOS
Popular hot-and-sour Thai dish – GOPRO
Popular pops – TIMESPICAYUNE
Prefix with -lithic – RICA
Prefix with beat or futurism – LAYUP
Quantity that’s tied to one’s carbon footprint – OWLET
Rapper for whom Harvard’s Hip-Hop Fellowship is named – TOMYUMSOUP
Second place at a math competition? – LODE
Second way of viewing things, figuratively – EYES
Showily deferential – PALEO
Single at a bar, perhaps – COCOA
Small screech, for example – NICER
Some summer babies – ONAHUNCH
Southern newspaper that William Faulkner once contributed to, with ‘The’ – FROND
Southwest desert plant – YUCCA
Sport with Native American origins – HAM
Syllables said with fingers in one’s ears – OTHERHAND
Symbol of highness – DROID
Thin, as a voice – HYDRO
To be: Lat – OWN
Toy dog from Tibet – SNL
Using intuition – AMOS
What a solver might growl after catching on to this puzzle’s theme? – ADHD
Where a zipper gets caught? – LEOS
___-Seltzer – NAS


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