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Universal Crossword Answers – Thursday July 15 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Thursday July 15 2021.
“Breakout” game developer of 1976 – ATARI
“Encore!” – AGAIN
“How ___ you know?” – DID
“It’s Raining ___” (Weather Girls hit) – MEN
“Que?,” in English – WHAT
“This one’s mine!” – DIBS
“You heard the question!” – ANSWERME
American money: Abbr – USD
Booker T. & the ___ – MGS
Bowling group? – PINS
C major relative – AMINOR
Capote’s nickname – TRU
Cellist’s stroke – UPBOW
Certain sib – BRO
Change the image of, corporately – REBRAND
Chant for a reluctant honoree – SPEECH
Chewy Easter treats – PEEPS
Continue, as a subscription – RENEW
Cosmetics legend Lauder – ESTEE
Couch potato’s spot – SOFA
Country within “Romania” – OMAN
County fair structures – TENTS
Critter in the percussion section? – SNAPPINGTURTLE
Critter leading the string section? – FIDDLERCRAB
Critter on backup vocals? – HUMMINGBIRD
Critters in the brass section? – TRUMPETERSWANS
Cut back on, as spending – REININ
Decide – OPT
Do great on a test – NAILIT
Does the backstroke, say – SWIMS
Downward spiral – TAILSPIN
Empty space – GAP
Enticing scent – AROMA
Fail to include – OMIT
Faint of heart – TIMID
Famous fashion monogram – YSL
Floral garland – LEI
Foal’s mother – MARE
Giants catcher Buster – POSEY
Gobbled up – ATE
Goldberg who was the first Black woman to get an EGOT – WHOOPI
Greece’s “birthplace of democracy” – ATHENS
Groom yourself – PRIMP
Hit the books – STUDY
Hurricanes or sea breezes – DRINKS
It clinks in glasses – ICE
It flows when you put pen to paper – INK
It might stick to a hiker: Var – BUR
Jewish holiday when you might shake a grager – PURIM
Legal expert Mystal – ELIE
Like limes – TART
Manage to snag – OBTAIN
Massive – HUGE
Nagging desire – ITCH
On ___ whole – THE
One may deface a building – VANDAL
Persepolis’ country – IRAN
Poetic tribute – ODE
Replayed serve – LET
Score the most points – WIN
She oversees nuns – ABBESS
Shirt from a concert – TEE
Siri runs on it – IOS
Small whirlpools – EDDIES
Sportscaster Andrews – ERIN
Standards of perfection – IDEALS
Third consonant in “consonant” – ESS
Title for Terry Pratchett – SIR
Upper ___ Side – EAST
Vexation – IRE
Vinyl purchases, for short – LPS
What a cat may carry a kitten by – NAPE
What an Olympic archer takes – DEADAIM
What you’re trying to do now – SOLVE
Where to have a drink with a date? – OASIS
WWII turning point – DDAY



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