New York Times Crossword Answers – Monday July 19 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Monday July 19 2021.
#, in social media – HASHTAG
‘Madam, I’m ___’ (palindromic greeting) – ADAM
‘O ___ Night’ (Christmas song) – HOLY
‘What ___ is new?’ – ELSE
‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-___’ – DAH
Aesthetic judgment – TASTE
Apportion – ALLOT
Auto – CAR
Ballet leap – JETE
Boxer who floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee – ALI
Break one of the Ten Commandments – SIN
Breakfast items in a toaster – EGGOS
Catch in the act – NAB
Clean air and water org – EPA
Coca-Cola soft drink brand – FRESCA
Computer whiz – TECHIE
Consumer advocate Ralph – NADER
Decorates with bathroom tissue, as in a Halloween prank – TPS
Easter egg colorers – DYES
Encourage with sweet talk – COAX
End of the quip – ISABADIDEA
Garment below a blouse – SKIRT
Geometric calculations – AREAS
Grandmothers, informally – NANAS
Group of five to which is added ‘and sometimes y’ – AEIOU
Has dinner – EATS
Help in wrongdoing – ABET
In love – SMITTEN
Included in an email, in brief – CCED
Indian megacity – DELHI
Issue a book or magazine – PUBLISH
JetBlue or Delta – AIRLINE
Keep an engine running without moving – IDLE
Kingly or queenly – REGAL
Large cat you shouldn’t trust on a test? – CHEETAH
Like some advertising lights – NEON
Liqueur flavor – PEAR
Little bit, as of ointment – DAB
Love or hate – EMOTION
Money you have to pay back – LOAN
Musical note that’s a step and a half below A – GFLAT
Native of Glasgow, e.g – SCOT
Old Russian ruler – TSAR
Oneness – UNITY
Opening on a schedule – SLOT
Opera solo – ARIA
Opus ___ – DEI
Outstanding accomplishments – FEATS
Penny or nickel – COIN
Pinnacles – APEXES
Pizazz – ELAN
Pointed, say – SHARP
Printer paper problems – JAMS
Puppy bites – NIPS
Quip, part 2 – NAMEDSHARK
Quip, part 3 – TOTHEBEACH
Relative of a great white – MAKO
Relaxation – EASE
Respected person in a tribe – ELDER
Sandy hue – ECRU
Scarce as ___ teeth – HENS
Showy garden flower – PANSY
Step on a ladder – RUNG
Summery quip, part 1 – TAKINGADOG
Tanker from the Mideast – OILER
The ___ of Avon (Shakespeare) – BARD
Total bargain – STEAL
Total flop – DUD
Trio of Greek goddesses – FATES
Venture to declare – DARESAY
Vice president Gore and others – ALS
Wax-wrapped cheese – EDAM
Way overcharge – GOUGE
What balloons do when you prick them with something 46-Across – BURST
What’s all about me, me, me – EGO
Words With Friends, for one – GAMEAPP
Writing you might keep away from prying eyes – DIARY
___ counseling (aid for job-hunters) – CAREER


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