Universal Crossword Answers – Monday July 19 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Monday July 19 2021.
“Absolutely!” – YES
“Becoming” author Michelle – OBAMA
“Black-ish” dad – DRE
“Happy” sea creature – CLAM
“Miss Independent” singer – NEYO
“Pearls Before ___” (comic strip) – SWINE
“Queen of Jazz” Fitzgerald – ELLA
“Relative” of Sasquatch – YETI
“South Park” character Cartman – ERIC
“That was my maximum” – IMOUT
Abbr. at the end of a list – ETAL
Acorn source – OAK
Alto or soprano instrument, briefly – SAX
An author might use a fake one – NAME
Archer’s item – BOW
Astronomer/poet Khayyam – OMAR
Big wind – GALE
Board game of Indian origin – PARCHEESI
Caustic cleaning solution – LYE
Cheese’s partner – MAC
Cold War side, briefly – USSR
Comfy boot brand – UGG
Command after “Sit,” maybe – STAY
Double-reed instrument – OBOE
Failing grades – EFS
Finals or physicals – EXAMS
Fix potholes in – REPAVE
Flub – ERR
Front yards – LAWNS
Fryers’ fluids – OILS
Gold, silver or bronze prize – MEDAL
Gorillas and others – APES
Hawaii’s state bird – NENE
Heckle Sidney Crosby’s team at the Winter Olympics, say? – BOOCANADA
Help with a heist, say – ABET
Host – EMCEE
House, on Ibiza – CASA
Instant replay effect – SLOMO
Iraq War concern: Abbr – WMD
Item in a beach bag – TOWEL
Last Greek letter – OMEGA
Line in an old Apple ad – IMAPC
LPs’ successors – CDS
March 17 VIP – STPAT
Nail polish brand – ESSIE
Neckwear in a saloon – BOLO
Neighbor of Bulgaria – SERBIA
New Mexico’s state flower – YUCCA
On the wagon – SOBER
Particles that refuse to obey the laws of physics? – BOSONSOFANARCHY
Persian or Siamese – CAT
Pink Floyd’s Barrett – SYD
Pizza size for a big group – EXTRALARGE
Podcaster Santa Maria – CARA
Power network – GRID
Putt from two inches away, e.g – TAPIN
Ready to be picked – RIPE
Reason for a U2 cover band to hold tryouts? – BONOVACANCY
Relaxation destination – SPA
Rocks out in England? – STONEHENGE
Seeks an answer – ASKS
Seizes – NABS
Serious TV show – DRAMA
Situp targets – ABS
Slightly more than never – ONCE
Soccer star Morgan – ALEX
Speaks hoarsely – RASPS
Swedish singer whose name sounds like a bird – ROBYN
Tablet with an Air model – IPAD
To the ___ degree – NTH
Tree goop – SAP
Tricky pitch – SCREWBALL
Turbulent body of water? – BOTHEREDSEA
TV personality Kelly – RIPA
Uninteresting dad? – BORINGPOP
Upsilon follower – PHI
Word with “loose” or “split” – ENDS
___ the ball (messes up) – DROPS


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