New York Times Crossword Answers – Tuesday July 20 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Tuesday July 20 2021.
‘Grrrr!’ – IMMAD
‘I give up!’ – UNCLE
‘That’s all ___ wrote’ – SHE
‘The Jungle Book’ bear – BALOO
‘Untrue!’ – THATSALIE
4.0 is a good one – GPA
Academic acronym – STEM
Actor Schreiber – LIEV
Actress Hedy of old Hollywood – LAMARR
Actress Watson of the Harry Potter films – EMMA
Aid in scrolling to the top – UPKEY
Almost unfathomably large number – GOOGOL
Be rewarded, as for waitressing – GETATIP
Became a huge success – HITITBIG
Bread producers? – ATMS
Brought to a close – ENDED
Bygone holder of Apple pics – IPHOTO
Camera type, for short – SLR
Canadian boor – HOSER
Cheery sort? – FAN
Chimps and bonobos – APES
Chocolaty treats that you might ‘break me off a piece of’ – KITKATBARS
City on the Rhône – LYON
Concerning – INRE
Dampens – WETS
Defensive spray – MACE
Earn copious amounts of – RAKEIN
Equine color – ROAN
Farmer’s place? – DELL
Fellow – CHAP
Furniture wood – ELM
Golden ___ – AGER
H.S. class for science whizzes – APBIO
HBO competitor – SHO
High-flying sharpshooter – AIRACE
Hog food – SLOP
It loses to three of a kind – TWOPAIR
It’s a long story – ILIAD
Jerry’s partner in cartoondom – TOM
Kids’ batting game – TBALL
Kind of headlight on older cars – SEALEDBEAM
Lays the groundwork? – SODS
Leaves … or cleaves – SPLITS
LeBron James or Stephen Curry, once, in brief – NBAMVP
Leonardo DiCaprio received four of them before winning – OSCARNODS
Like a landscape after a volcanic eruption – ASHEN
Marisa of ‘My Cousin Vinny’ – TOMEI
Nincompoop – SIMP
Observation deck feature not for the squeamish – GLASSFLOOR
Off-roader, in brief – ATV
Old-time comic Caesar – SID
Olympic sport whose all-around competition is composed of the last parts of 19-, 26-, 44- and 52-Across – WOMENSGYMNASTICS
One of the R’s in R&R – REST
One way around Disneyland – TRAM
One who says ‘You wish!’? – GENIE
Pair of cymbals in a drum set – HIHAT
Part of a sandal – THONG
Parts of accusations in Clue – ROOMS
Penne ___ vodka – ALLA
Perfect, as skills – HONE
Play the role of – ACTAS
President pro ___ – TEM
Principle of Confucianism – TAO
Retain – KEEP
Rock music style – EMO
Secluded valleys – GLENS
Shinbone – TIBIA
Soak (up) – SOP
Something a couple of speakers can provide – STEREO
Stay outdoors overnight with some of the comforts of home – GLAMP
Still-life vessels – EWERS
Stored deeply and securely – INTHEVAULT
Uranus, but not Neptune – GREEKGOD
Zero – NONE
___ Arbor, Mich – ANN
___ Jackson, title character in Rick Riordan books – PERCY
___ Larsen, Harlem Renaissance novelist – NELLA
___ U.S.A – TEAM


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