Universal Crossword Answers – Tuesday July 20 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Tuesday July 20 2021.
“Divine Secrets of the ___ Sisterhood” – YAYA
“Silly me!” – DOH
“The Lovebirds” actress Rae – ISSA
*Picture of a rabbit in a hat, say? – TRICKSHOT
*Sorcerer’s alternative to a wand? – HEXWRENCH
*What helps ensure a wizard is using the right incantation? – SPELLCHECKER
Abbr. used when citing a study – ETAL
Actress de Armas – ANA
Against – ANTI
Aided – HELPED
And so on: Abbr – ETC
Bassoon relative – OBOE
Big industry for Hawaii – TOURISM
Blanketed with chocolate, say – COATED
Bookmark alternative – DOGEAR
Caused by motion – KINETIC
Change for a five – ONES
Chops with an ax – HEWS
Chris, Liam and Luke, to Leonie and Craig Hemsworth – SONS
Class above jrs – SRS
Curls up with a good book – READS
Cute aquatic mammal – OTTER
Decree – EDICT
Edamame casings – PODS
Erase – DELETE
Extend one’s lease – RENEW
Fancy bash – GALA
Gloom’s partner – DOOM
Guy who rescued animal pairs – NOAH
Jafar’s parrot in “Aladdin” – IAGO
Jessica of “Sin City” – ALBA
Largest digit on the foot – BIGTOE
Like your legs after doing squats – ACHY
Loaf at a Jewish deli – RYE
Male goat – BILLY
Many wish it had more hours – DAY
Mess up – ERR
Modern cry of excitement – YEET
Modify, as text – EDIT
Moisturizing kind of butter – SHEA
National garment of Japan – KIMONO
New parents choose them – NAMES
One of eight in a cup – OUNCE
One of many that a parent passes on – GENE
One toiling away – LABORER
Part of a set at the gym – REP
Peddle – SELL
Pirate’s plunder – BOOTY
Please, or each starred answer’s start? – THEMAGICWORD
Possessive for Batman – HIS
Pothead – STONER
Psychic’s “ability,” for short – ESP
Pump or wing tip – SHOE
Q, for one country name – END
Racket – DIN
Reaction to someone juggling chainsaws, perhaps – GASP
Recipe amt. bigger than a dash – TSP
Resting on – ATOP
Rich cakes – TORTES
Sara ___ (baked goods brand) – LEE
Sculpt, as a marble physique – CHISEL
Securely closes – SEALSUP
Self-balancing transports – SEGWAYS
Smear (on) – DAUB
Snake that bit Cleopatra – ASP
Start having an effect – KICKIN
Still being tested – INBETA
Sweet rice cake – MOCHI
Tended a terrier, perhaps – PETSAT
The way, per Lao-tzu – TAO
Thrill – ELATE
Went after, like a fly – SWATTED
Whole bunch – TON
Yellowfin tuna – AHI
You may cram for it – TEST
___ Stix (powdered candy) – PIXY


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