New York Times Crossword Answers – Wednesday July 21 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Wednesday July 21 2021.
’50s campaign button name – IKE
‘Don’t make me eat that!’ – UGH
‘Law & Order’ spinoff, for short – SVU
‘That’s not impressing me’ – MEH
Action after a bad golf drive – RETEE
Actress Vardalos – NIA
All-time leading scorer for the Lakers, familiarly – KOBE
Animal whose name consists of the postal codes of two states it passes in its migration – ORCA
Available to watch, in a way – ONVIDEO
Become rusted – CORRODE
Big Dance org – NCAA
Bird with a reduplicative name – DODO
Bit of sweet talk – COO
Blue state? – DEJECTION
Bolivian capital – LAPAZ
British meat pie – PASTY
Bucks and bulls – HES
Bundle up – SWATHE
Cold War inits – KGB
Columnist Klein – EZRA
Construction vehicle, informally – DOZER
Dish with tomatoes and mozzarella – NEAPOLITANPIZZA
Drunkard – SOT
Encompassed by – AMIDST
European peak – ALP
Fanciful ideas – WHIMS
Give a pointer? – POKE
Globe – ORB
Got an A+ on – ACED
Hybrid citrus fruits – ORANGELOS
Info on a dating profile – AGE
Island WNW of Molokai – OAHU
It can be tipped … or collect tips – HAT
It costs about twice as much if it’s round – TRIP
Large unit of resistance – TERAOHM
Like some insensitive remarks, for short – UNPC
Lowest-ranking G.I – PVT
Make easier to recite, as the Great Lakes via HOMES – MNEMONIZE
Modern-day horse-and-buggy users – AMISH
Nap sack? – COT
Native American canoe material – BIRCHBARK
Nest protest – PEEP
Overhead cost of manufacturing? – SMOG
Partner of confused – DAZED
Passions – ZEALS
Potato ___ (appetizer) – SKINS
Raucous music style similar to boogie-woogie – BARRELHOUSEJAZZ
Response to ‘Who wants some?’ – IDO
Restaurant water choice – TAP
Seminal punk band, with ‘the’ – RAMONES
Some N.F.L. linemen: Abbr – DTS
Spaces (out) – ZONES
Speckled coat – ROAN
Speechify – ORATE
State in Tornado Alley: Abbr – NEB
Studied (up on) – BONED
Super-hoppy craft brew – TRIPLEIPA
Take by force – USURP
The titular Nelsons of a classic sitcom – OZZIEANDHARRIET
This clue number minus deux – ONZE
U2 frontman – BONO
Vodka cocktail with cranberry and grapefruit juice – SEABREEZE
Wall St. credential – MBA
Well-kept – NEAT
Whichever – ANY
Who said ‘The only difference between me and the Surrealists is that I am a Surrealist’ – DALI
Wild guess – STAB
___ Day, Down Under holiday – ANZAC
___ du jour (bistro special) – PLAT
___ Reader – UTNE
___-American – ALL


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