Universal Crossword Answers – Wednesday July 21 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Wednesday July 21 2021.
“In addition …” – ALSO
“Star Trek” lieutenant – SULU
“Tall” story – TALE
“___ that nice?” – ISNT
Acid’s counterpart – BASE
Aconcagua is their highest peak – ANDES
Arabian sultanate – OMAN
Area between the Koreas: Abbr – DMZ
Bring up, as young – REAR
Cage fighting sport: Abbr – MMA
Campers’ beds, often – COTS
Certain craft beer, briefly – IPA
Change from red to green, say? – DYE
Chaotic accumulation – HEAP
Chew like a beaver – GNAW
Christmas, in France – NOEL
Company behind the Model T – FORD
Crucial – VITAL
Cry before a game of tag – NOTIT
Cut with an X-Acto knife – SLIT
Dance move that some call “webbing” – JAZZHANDS
Disgusting – VILE
Dwarf who’s always drowsy – SLEEPY
Electron’s place – ATOM
Explosive stuff, briefly – TNT
First gentleman? – ADAM
Garment with cups – BRA
Goes (for) – OPTS
Great Basin native – UTE
Greet with acclaim – HAIL
Imperfections – FLAWS
Intense concentration – LASERFOCUS
Irritate to no end – EATAT
Is sick – AILS
It gets hammered – NAIL
Jays, e.g – BIRDS
Knocker’s identifying words – ITSME
Leavened Indian bread – NAAN
Leaves hanging by a thread? – TEABAG
Like tonic water – GASSY
Lists of social media posts – FEEDS
Longish skirt – MIDI
Lots (of) – ATON
Make reparations – ATONE
Mollusks with long shells – RAZORCLAMS
Muslim leader – IMAM
Not sitting well? – ANTSY
Photo-sharing platform, for short – INSTA
Pin point? – LAPEL
Places to hibernate – DENS
Pop, as a bubble – BURST
Predicament that might be avoided using the starts of 20-, 34- and 41-Across? – HAIRYSITUATION
Puts to work – USES
Rainer Maria Rilke or Audre Lorde – POET
Reedy woodwind – OBOE
Refrain in a farm song – EIEIO
Reminisce about the good old days – WAXSENTIMENTAL
Remove from power – OUST
Road goo – TAR
Self-care destination – SPA
Shred, like cheese – GRATE
Sister of the moon goddess Selene – EOS
Spending concern in pro sports – SALARYCAP
Spongy toy brand – NERF
Sprite Ginger, e.g – SODA
Storm, Sky or Sun – TEAM
Strong adhesive – EPOXY
Sushi fish – TUNA
Suva’s island country – FIJI
T. rex, for instance – DINO
The “Y” of YOLO – YOU
Unleavened Indian bread – ROTI
Unoriginal individual – COPYCAT
Unwelcome campground visitor – BEAR
Valentine’s Day bundle – ROSES
Where swine recline – STY
Where to sit back and enjoy a flight? – WINEBAR
Zebra’s neck hair – MANE


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