New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday July 22 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday July 22 2021.
‘I kissed thee ___ I kill’d thee’: ‘Othello’ – ERE
‘Where’d you get that ___?’ – IDEA
4 x 4 – UTE
Aggressive campaign – CRUSADE
Bad singer? – RAT
Biblical verb with ‘thou’ – HAST
Bob of ‘Full House’ – SAGET
Bring up – REAR
Can’t stand – DETEST
Caught on audio – TAPED
Cause to boil – ENRAGE
Changing fortune, metaphorically – TIDE
Closest living relatives of whales – Hippopotamuses
Come up – ARIISE
Common bit of golf attire – POLO
Compete in a Summer Olympics event – SWIM
Condition that fidget tools can help with, for short – ADHD
Contents of birdhouses – NESTS
Deal sealers – AGENTS
Dicing onions, mincing garlic, etc – PREP
Does a groundskeeper’s job – MOWS
Dorm room feature – DESK
Dust-up – SPAT
E.P.A.-banned pesticide – DDT
Early 1900s kitchen appliance – ICEBOX
Exhibited relief, in a way – EXHHALED
Finely ground quartz – SILEX
Freudian topics – EGOS
Get back into shape – REHHAB
Gusto – ZEST
Home to Planck, Einstein and Heisenberg when they won their Nobel Prizes – WEIMAR
Inseparable … or like three pairs of answers in this puzzle? – JOINEDATTHEHIP
It can be heavier in the summer – AIIR
It may get pushed back on the weekend – BEDTIME
Kind of gland – ADRENAL
Land of plenty? – ASIA
Like park ranger’s pants, often – KHAKI
Like some high-fiber cereal – OATY
Little dipper? – PITACHIP
Locations of some dives – SHIPWRECKS
Lukewarm – TEPPID
Maker of Brownie Brick Road ice cream – EDYS
Meetings for two – TRYSTS
Most asinine – INANEST
Muscle targeted by military presses, in brief – DELT
Nightmare personified – INCUBUS
Not stay neutral – TAKESIDES
Noticeably unfriendly – ICY
Ones sporting man buns and ironic T-shirts, say – HIPSTERS
Particular, for short – SPEC
Pelvic joints – COXAE
Petite, for one – DRESSSIZE
Quiet – DEADEN
Rodentlike relative of a rabbit – PIKA
Run-of-the-mill – HOHHUM
Smart ___ – ALEC
Start (with) – OPEN
State since 1845: Abbr – TEX
Stephen of ‘The Crying Game’ – REA
Strikebreakers – SCABS
Symbol that Mac users get by pressing Option + Shift + 2 – EURO
T, as in tests – TRUE
Taunt – JEER
Tel. number add-ons – EXTS
Texter’s farewell – TTYL
They enforce discipline among legislators – PARTYWHIPS
Thingy – WIDGET
Three sheets to the wind – SMASHED
Took performance-enhancing drugs – DOPPED
TV journalist Pressman with a Peabody and 11 Emmys – GABE
Upper echelon – ELIITE
___ school – MED
___ the Autopilot, inflatable balloon character in ‘Airplane!’ – OTTO
___ Ziff, Marge’s ex-boyfriend on ‘The Simpsons’ – ARTIE


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