New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday July 24 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday July 24 2021.

‘Sailor Moon’ genre – ANIME
‘Spare me the details!’ – TMI
‘___ on!’ – ITS
2008 Beijing Olympics mascot – PANDA
Add to an overstuffed suitcase, say – FORCEIN
Airdrops? – MIST
Asked nosy questions about – PRIEDINTO
At bottom – INESSENCE
Auto pioneer Soichiro – HONDA
Average, maybe – STAT
Blunt end? – ROACH
Camera setup – RIG
Campaign that may involve catapults and trebuchets – SIEGE
Can of worms – MESS
Certain apartment – COOP
Certain toy, briefly – POM
Cold and damp – DANK
Corrective phrase – IMEAN
Crafts supply that’s difficult to clean up – GLITTER
Curry, for one – NBAPLAYER
Daughter of Metis and Jupiter, in Roman myth – MINERVA
Deck builder’s tool – NAILER
Discography section – EPS
Eremite, e.g – LONER
Ethnic minority in North Macedonia – SERBS
Fancy cars, in modern slang – WHIPS
Findings of Myers-Briggs personality tests – TYPES
French preposition – ENTRE
French word whose plural is its English translation backward – ETAT
Garment on a tennis court – SKORT
Garment that might not be worn around the house – BRASSIERE
Hallux, less formally – BIGTOE
Happenstance, cutely – COINKYDINK
Heart diagnostic, briefly – EKG
Ingredient in a classic Caesar salad – ANCHOVY
Just what the doctor ordered, perhaps – BEDREST
Like a masseuse’s hands, often – OILY
Like Frida Kahlo’s art – FEMINIST
Like some hours – WEE
Long, unproductive activities – TIMESINKS
More with it – SANER
One might be off the hook – HOMEPHONE
One needing a lift? – SKIER
Palm products, for short – PDAS
Physicist Nathan with an early theory of wormholes – ROSEN
Popular brand of alcoholic seltzer – WHITECLAW
Pull (in) – REIN
Racing game with speed-boosting mushrooms – MARIOKART
Ready – RIPE
Record producer? – NOTETAKER
See 6-Down – LABS
Sellers of product lines like Joxtorp and Knorrig – IKEAS
Seven-year stretch – TEENS
Show that awards plays – THEESPYS
Some are performed in a theater, for short – OPS
Some spring births – GEMINIS
Sound produced by a dental click – TSK
Sports bet – OVERUNDER
Starting point of the annual Spartathlon – ACROPOLIS
Stuff that’s hard to get off your chest? – TATTOOINK
Supermodel Holliday – TESS
The wrinkle in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and the Cosmic Cube in Marvel Comics, for two – TESSERACTS
Track, say – SONG
Try one’s luck in, say – ENTER
Tweedledum and Tweedledee, e.g – DUO
Very, to Véronique – TRES
With 51-Down, where solutions are kept, in brief – CHEM
Word of indifference – MEH
YouTuber’s creation, informally – VID
___ Halliwell, real name of Ginger Spice – GERI


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