USA Today Crossword Answers – Thursday July 29 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Thursday July 29 2021.
‘Don’t mention it!’ – NOSWEAT
‘Honest’ prez – ABE
‘Just Do It’ brand – NIKE
‘Make it snappy!’ – NOW
‘Oh! And also . . .’ in texts – BTW
‘Rather curious, don’t you think?’ – ISNTTHATODD
‘___ and you shall receive’ – ASK
After-shower powder – TALC
At the peak of life – INYOURPRIME
At the proper time – ONCUE
Chocolate-yielding tree – CACAO
Coins in Germany – EUROS
Commands to attack – SICS
Dasher or Dancer – REINDEER
Degrees for some CFOs – MBAS
Easy gait – TROT
Empty, boastful talk – HOTAIR
EMT’s skill – CPR
Episode that generates residuals – RERUN
Fully committed – INDEEP
Garment that might be worn with Kolhapuris – SARI
Get a touchdown, for example – SCORE
Gets ready – PREPS
Great Plains tribe – OTOE
Greatest – BEST
Head massage target – SCALP
Help out – ASSIST
Home for a pet snake – TANK
Initials in a math proof – QED
Laptop brand hidden in ‘space race’ – ACER
Letter before omega – PSI
Little doggie – PUP
Logic puzzle originally called ‘Number Place’ – SUDOKU
Lowest card in a royal flush – TEN
Nairobi resident – KENYAN
Nevada city home to Topsy the Clown – RENO
Not going astray – ONCOURSE
Noteworthy period – ERA
Observes – SEES
Org. receiving tax returns – IRS
Pertaining to the universe – COSMIC
Photographer’s device – CAMERA
Phrase from groom to groom – IDO
Poet Sharon – OLDS
Prefix for ‘violet’ – ULTRA
Relatives, colloquially – FAM
Respectful title – SIR
Respond to the host – RSVP
Responded – ANSWERED
Result of a fender-bender – DENT
Ripped up – TORN
Sauce that shares a name with a Mexican state – TABASCO
Scheduled to arrive – DUE
School hidden in ‘five tonnes’ – ETON
Sheet music symbol – CLEF
Singer Aimee – MANN
Sister Sledge hit ‘___ the Greatest Dancer’ – HES
Smirnoff rival – SKOL
Softball stat – RBI
Speedy pitch – FASTBALL
Spirit-raising gathering – SEANCE
State confidently – ASSERT
Suggestion from an expert – PROTIP
Summer time zone for L.A – PDT
Threw away – TOSSED
Toni Morrison creations – NOVELS
Uncertainties – IFS
Walk on a nature trail – HIKE
Waterproof sheet – TARP
Went down – SANK
Willing to do – UPFOR
Without cheating – FAIRANDSQUARE
Word shouted to rid a friend of hiccups, maybe – BOO
Wrinkle-removing appliance – IRON
___ lazuli (blue gemstone) – LAPIS
___ loss for words – ATA


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