USA Today Crossword Answers – Thursday August 12 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Thursday August 12 2021.
A Black Lady Sketch Show’ bit – SKIT
‘Butter’ pop group – BTS
‘I need a cue!’ – LINE
‘In the Heights’ director Jon M – CHU
Accomplishment – FEAT
Aduba of ‘In Treatment’ – UZO
Adult fawns – DEER
Agile – LITHE
Anti-establishment music genre – PUNKROCK
Archaeologist’s assignment – DIG
Automated Twitter account – BOT
Bio celebrating a life – OBIT
Blueprint detail, for short – SPEC
Bouncers check them – IDS
Bro or sis, e.g – SIB
Brood X insect – CICADA
Cafe orders similar to lattes – FLATWHITES
Chadwick of ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ – BOSEMAN
Chapati flour – ATTA
Charged particle – ION
Circus tent – BIGTOP
Colorful pond swimmers – KOI
Conversation subject – TOPIC
Convinced to spend more – UPSOLD
CPR experts – EMTS
Croatia’s continent – EUROPE
Cruel person – MEANIE
Crunchy pad thai topping – PEANUT
DHL competitor – UPS
Didn’t lose in musical chairs – SAT
Disparaging – SNIDE
Employ – USE
Encourages, in a way – PATSONTHEBACK
Envelope part – FLAP
Everything but the kitchen ___ – SINK
Exasperated exclamation – ACK
Fish or shrimp coating – BEERBATTER
Form W-2 input – SSN
Frozen drink with a Mermaid flavor – ICEE
Gestation organ – UTERUS
Glass blower or cartoonist, e.g – ARTIST
Group of eight – OCTET
High-level H.S. math class – APCALC
Hockey disc – PUCK
House, in Spanish – CASA
Hummingbirds’ homes – NESTS
Italian wine region – ASTI
Janelle often seen in a tux – MONAE
Labors – TOILS
Lbs. parts – OZS
Like fingers after holding a newspaper – INKY
Lure in – ENTICE
Major nuisance – PAININTHENECK
Move rapidly back and forth – PINGPONG
Networker’s connections – INS
Noodle served with Japanese curry – UDON
Noticed – SEEN
Pampering places – SPAS
Place to see a shooting star – SKY
Poker payment – ANTE
Prefix with ‘center’ and ‘dermis’ – EPI
Public transit option – BUS
Saffron, for example – SPICE
Shakshouka ingredients – EGGS
Sheep that sounds like you – EWE
Shift blame to someone else – PASSTHEBUCK
Sleeveless tops – TANKS
Sneakers with swooshes – NIKES
Sound made when touching your pet’s nose, maybe – BOOP
Staple in cajun cuisine – CATFISH
They might be hung as swings – TIRES
UFO pilots – ETS
Vein of ore – LODE
Voting compartment – BOOTH
Woodwind instrument – OBOE
Word after ‘gay’ or ‘fashion’ – ICON


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