New York Times Crossword Answers – Friday August 13 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Friday August 13 2021.
‘Did you really just say that?’ – WAITWHAT
‘I ___ saw true beauty till this night’: Romeo – NEER
‘My ___!’ – HERO
Active ingredient in marijuana, for short – THC
Artist behind the best-selling album of the 21st century (30+ million units) – ADELE
Baller, in old lingo – CAGER
Bay ___ (certain horse) – ROAN
Bidding considerations – ASKS
Bikini, e.g – TESTSITE
Bit of metal texturing – KNURL
Blocks – DAMS
Brand with the flavors Grabbin’ Grape and Blazin’ Blueberry – HIC
Breakout performance – STARTURN
Brooks of ‘Spaceballs’ – MEL
Camp show grp – USO
Campaign Q&A – TOWNHALL
Cardi B’s ‘___ Bad’ – SHE
Choler – IRE
Close – SHUT
Close-to-the-ground sports feat – SHOESTRINGCATCH
Do in the evening – SOIREE
End up choosing – SETTLEON
Even more, perhaps – THIRDS
Father of Hecate – PERSES
Follower of twenty- or thirty- – ODD
Handsome guy – ADONIS
Hardly a cheapskate – BIGSPENDER
Hint – TINGE
Insight offerer – HONDA
It’s ‘rarely pure and never simple,’ Oscar Wilde once wrote – TRUTH
Kung ___ – PAO
Lead-in to core or fest – NERD
Midwest city that shares its name with a suburb of Phoenix – PEORIA
Mocking response to whining – OHBOOHOO
Natural material used for fuel – BIOMASS
Neighbor of a Malay – THAI
One way to take a stand, ironically? – SITIN
Org. behind the Carl Sagan Center – SETI
Person who is willfully alone? – SOLEHEIR
Philanderer – ROUE
Pioneering Ford auto – MODELA
Plants – SOWS
Pseudonymous children’s author Hunter – ERIN
Put down, in a way – NOTE
Put down, in a way – ROAST
Refute – BELIE
Revolutionary inventions in the cooking world? – ROTISSERIEOVENS
Rich source – LODE
See 14-Down – MAP
Serves the purpose of – ACTSAS
Setting in Marvel Comics – ASGARD
Some diner orders – HASHES
Something carbon monoxide lacks – ODOR
Speeds – HIES
Stick – ADHERE
Study of touch, as with smartphone screens – HAPTICS
Target of some trimming – HEDGE
That’s a wrap! – SARAN
The ‘A’ of A.D.L – ANTI
They might claim that things are fixed – SORELOSERS
Ticket line? – ADMITONE
Title of hits by Garth Brooks and Lil Nas X – RODEO
Track #1 on the Beatles compilation album ‘1’ – LOVEMEDO
Traffic directors? – CONES
When Harry first shared a ride with Sally, e.g – MEETCUTE
Where majors have majors, in brief? – ROTC
Wind with a three-octave range – OBOE
With 55-Down, oceanographer’s aid – SEA
[Thinking …] – UHH
___ much – ABIT


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