USA Today Crossword Answers – Friday August 13 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Friday August 13 2021.
‘Bang-bang boogie’ song by the Sugarhill Gang – RAPPERSDELIGHT
‘Have one!’ – TRYIT
‘I am VERY happy you gave me this catnip’ – PURR
‘Iliad’ setting – TROY
‘Into it!’ – YES
‘Panini’ singer Lil ___ X – NAS
‘___ All That’ (Addison Rae movie) – HES
‘___ we cool?’ – ARE
Academic reviewer, sometimes – PEER
Anger – IRE
Angry speech – TIRADE
Be disloyal to – BETRAY
Break down grammatically – PARSE
British nobility title – BARON
Chain with a cowboy hat logo – ARBYS
Colored part of the eye – IRIS
Come across as – SEEM
Come together – UNITE
Compete like Andre Horton – SKI
December holiday spirit – CHRISTMASCHEER
Drag queen ___ Kofi – TIA
Dryer fuzz – LINT
Evil intent – MALICE
Feeling blue – SAD
Fix illegally – RIG
Furbaby – PET
Gamer with no experience – NOOB
Garden pest – APHID
Gave the thumbs-up – OKED
Get moldy, perhaps – ROT
Giggle syllable – HEE
Great Lake that borders Ohio – ERIE
Gyms for judokas – DOJOS
Have the nerve – DARE
Hit the turntable like Tiff McFierce – SPIN
House for campus bros – FRAT
Howling desert canines – COYOTES
It’s often grabbed during a slam dunk – RIM
Itsy-bitsy – TINY
Lose your cool – PANIC
Make do – COPE
Make do – GETBY
Memory slip – LAPSE
Miami’s Biscayne ___ – BAY
Monte ___ sandwich – CRISTO
Not very much – ATAD
Old T-shirt, maybe – RAG
Pennsylvania university, for short – PITT
Perfume sample bottle – TESTER
Place for a rubber duckie – BATH
Place for a sarcophagus, sometimes – CRYPT
Place to enjoy a salt scrub – SPA
Really long times – EONS
Recovers from an injury – HEALSUP
Remove curse words from, maybe – EDIT
Sacred bird in ancient Egypt – IBIS
Scissors sound – SNIP
Sound during pollen season – ACHOO
Spanish title – SENORA
Spheres – ORBS
Spiky desert plants – CACTI
Star of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ – ANYATAYLORJOY
Stayed out of sight – HID
Strictness – RIGOR
Subject of CRISPR editing – GENE
Tax documents – RETURNS
Tennis legend Arthur – ASHE
Text the wrong person, say – ERR
This, that and the ___ – OTHER
Top card in a royal flush – ACE
TV room – DEN
Vacation cottage, maybe – RENTAL
What a guest might sleep on – SOFABED
You might wrestle with it – ARM
Young boy – LAD


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