Universal Crossword Answers – Saturday August 14 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Saturday August 14 2021.
“Bye-bye,” in Bristol – TATA
“Eww, I didn’t need all those details” – TMI
“That’s not good!” – OHNO
“___ of the d’Urbervilles” – TESS
*Anticipate a drink at a dance? – WAITFORTHEPUNCH
*External investor? – OUTSIDEBACKER
*Manufacture mannequin toppers? – MAKEHEADS
*Split ends? – HAIRFRACTURES
4G ___ – LTE
Act like a grown-up, in slang – ADULT
Bandleader’s “Go!” – HITIT
Battery in a toy, often – AAA
Bit of light that burns – UVRAY
British coins – PENCE
Bullet points – ITEMS
Cache – TROVE
Chances, as for photos – OPS
Clean type of energy – SOLAR
Cooling systems, for short – ACS
Creative writing degs – MFAS
Dance at a luau – HULA
Deplete – USEUP
Device for taping TV shows – DVR
Dial-up pioneer – AOL
Drummer Ringo – STARR
Egyptian biter – ASP
Evidence – PROOF
Feathery fish hook, perhaps – LURE
Fill fully – SATE
Film-rating org.’s longtime name – MPAA
Get a perfect score on – ACE
Hang on to – SAVE
Have the ___ for (find attractive) – HOTS
Japanese box lunch – BENTO
Kind – ILK
Lead, as a meeting – CHAIR
Like a certain continental union – EUROPEAN
Like cinnamon candy – RED
Likelihood – ODDS
Money dispenser, for short – ATM
Moody music genre – EMO
Move furtively – SIDLE
Nike competitor – FILA
Not required – OPTIONAL
Partake of latkes, say – EAT
Petro-Canada competitor – ESSO
Phishing attempt, e.g – SCAM
Place to park – LOT
PlayStation thriller game whose title is a girl’s name – ERICA
Polynesian Disney protagonist – MOANA
Pop star Mars – BRUNO
Preceding night – EVE
Prod with a finger – POKEAT
Pulls along – TOWS
Puppy’s sound – YIP
Rapper ___ Baby – LIL
Ready to deliver a baby – DUE
Requests – ASKS
Sasha or Malia – OBAMA
Scared about – AFRAIDOF
Score, as great seats – NAB
Scornful look – SNEER
Seed found in health foods – CHIA
Sis’ sib, maybe – BRO
So far – YET
Sporty car roof option – TTOP
Spot that won’t come out in the laundry – POLKADOT
Tapenade ingredient – OLIVE
Update, in real estate lingo – RENO
Used a keyboard – TYPED
What a chicken feels? – FEAR
With time to spare – EARLY
Word after “blow” or “spin” – DRYER
Word before “name” or “food” – PET
Write a letter, or a hint to the deletion that formed each starred clue’s answer – DROPALINE
___ comma (punctuation mark that sparks much debate) – SERIAL


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