Universal Crossword Answers – Thursday August 19 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Thursday August 19 2021.
“Bland” color – BEIGE
“For more information,” in a dictionary – SEEALSO
“Friends” friend … or supreme Supreme – ROSS
“So glad the week is almost done!” – TGIF
“Wasn’t me,” quaintly – NOTI
*Condition after hours of lolling in the sun? – SUMMERDAZE
*Halloween costume, e.g.? – FALLGUISE
*Part in a play put on at the end of the school year? – SPRINGROLE
*Seasoning for the Christmas turkey? – WINTERTHYME
Beds before cribs? – WOMBS
Before, poetically – ERE
Bothered – HASSLED
Cause for concern – ISSUE
Chromosome component – GENE
Cold and slick – ICY
Come about – OCCUR
Commercial salesperson – ADREP
Coral ridge – REEF
Diamond cover – TARP
Disgruntled diner’s decision – NOTIP
Donkey – ASS
Dude – BRO
Exploit – USE
Exploits – DEEDS
Failed firework – DUD
Finally left alone – LAIDOFF
Fluffy boot brand – UGG
Football Hall-of-Famer Dawson – LEN
Forger’s domain – ART
Fourteen-line poems – SONNETS
Gaming device – CONSOLE
Give the power to – ENABLE
Go in circles, literally – GYRATE
Italian football club in a fashion hub – ACMILAN
Job for a body shop – DENT
Kind of fork – SALAD
King whose youngest daughter was Cordelia – LEAR
Lead singer, often – SOLOIST
Leave surreptitiously – SLIPOUT
Like expressionless eyes – GLASSY
Like someone who may read braille – BLIND
Listening devices? – EARS
Little troublemaker – IMP
Luxury hotel chain, and a hint to the phonetic “changes” in the starred clues’ answers – FOURSEASONS
Makes harmonious – ATTUNES
Man in “The Matrix” – NEO
Mark from a wound – SCAR
Mobile operating system with a robot logo – ANDROID
Most frequent letters in “lollipop” – ELS
Mythology and such – LORE
Nickname within “president” – SID
Oktoberfest souvenir – STEIN
One of 12, in recovery – STEP
Pointless to discuss – MOOT
Protrudes – BULGES
Rap’s ___ Rhymes – BUSTA
Ready to film, say – ONSET
Rush hour sounds – BEEPS
Scrapes the peel of – ZESTS
Some signable files – PDFS
Stain, as cloth – DYE
Thieves’ place – DEN
Total – SUM
Transmission concern – NOISE
Two, in Toledo – DOS
Watch chain – FOB
Web location – SITE
White rice’s lack – BRAN
Widespread – RIFE
With intensity – ACUTELY
Word after “black” or “photo” – OPS
Yellowish shade – OCHER
Yes, in Yokohama – HAI
___ gras – FOIE
___-trick pony – ONE


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