New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday September 9 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday September 9 2021.
‘In a Silent Way’ trumpeter [~3:5] – KILOMETERSDAVIS
‘Maybe’ – WELLSEE
‘Ratatouille’ protagonist – REMY
‘So true’ – IKNOW
‘Veep’ co-star Clea ___ – DUVALL
‘Yeah? And what if I don’t wanna?!’ – MAKEME
‘You betcha!’ – OFCOURSE
‘You sure about that?’ – REALLY
1947’s ___-Hartley Act – TAFT
Aéroport d’___ – ORLY
Amazingly enough – NOLESS
Animal whose teeth are the strongest substance in the natural world – SNAIL
Apple store employee? – GROCER
Basted edge – HEM
Bias – SLANT
Close – END
Country music’s ___ Young Band – ELI
Diamond data – OUTS
El Greco and others – CRETANS
Endured – STOOD
Eves’ counterpart – MORNS
Food, quaintly – ALIMENT
Free from – RIDOF
Garment that appropriately rhymes with ‘court’ – SKORT
Glowing lines – ODE
Good card game for the inebriated? – RUMMY
Good cheer – MIRTH
Hardly parsimonious, in a saying [~1:454] – GRAMFOOLISH
How a controversial topic might be debated – HOTLY
Is calculating, say – ADDS
It may be iced for a happy birthday party – CAKE
L x W x H – VOL
Like the cream of the crop – TOPTIER
Like the left side of the aisle, traditionally – BRIDAL
Lula da ___, former president of Brazil – SILVA
Magic org – NBA
Maker of sweet eggs – CADBURY
Makeup shades that match skin tones – NUDES
Mohammed bin Thani was the first one for Qatar – EMIR
Ones tackling their home work – DIYERS
Overhauled – REDONE
People based in Kykotsmovi Village, Arizona – HOPI
Reddit moderators, e.g., in brief – SYSOPS
Rendezvous (with) – MEET
Robotics motor – SERVO
Role for Paul McCartney in the Beatles – BASS
Sign of late February – PISCES
Signs up – ENROLLS
Singer Amos – TORI
Some unaccredited universities, derisively [~57:1] – RADIANMILLS
Stay-at-homes? – BANDBS
Steal – COP
Stefani ___ Angelina Germanotta a.k.a. Lady Gaga – JOANNE
Stumblebum – DOLT
Suffix with ranch – ERO
Supreme god of ancient Egypt – AMENRA
They may be iced for a hoppy birthday party – ALEKEGS
Treaded winter vehicles – SNOCATS
Trusted – RELIEDON
Ulterior motives – AGENDA
What you have to do to interpret the answers to 16-, 25- and 40-Across – CONVERTTOMETRIC
When doubled, a 2010s dance – NAE
Word with shot or happy – SLAP
Work well together – JELL
___ Annie of ‘Oklahoma!’ – ADO
___ Bell, Emily Brontë pseudonym – ELLIS
___ Blackburn, Tennessee’s first female senator – MARSHA


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