New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday September 11 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday September 11 2021.
#1 on Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time’ list, with ‘The’ – SOPRANOS
‘None for me, thanks’ – NAHIMGOOD
‘Tell a joke or something … I’m so bored’ – AMUSEME
Acts like a nudnik to – PESTERS
Ariadne, e.g – CRETAN
Ball with a yellow stripe – NINE
Buddhism’s founder – GAUTAMA
Cause for alarm? – BURGLAR
Cheery refrain – TRALA
Compete for speed, say – RUNARACE
Composed – SEDATE
Composer Zimmer – HANS
Computer programs used in 3-D animation – SHADERS
Corkscrews, e.g – OPENERS
Course selection – ENTREE
Cut (in) – BUTTED
Euphoria – HOGHEAVEN
Eyeroll-inducing response to ‘How did you do that?’ – ITSMAGIC
Fashion designer ___ Saab – ELIE
Go all over – TOUR
Group to which Don Rickles joked he ‘never received an official membership card’ – RATPACK
Happening – GOINGON
Hirsute figure in the Bible – ESAU
Home of the only world capital to border two other countries – SLOVAKIA
House style with shingle exteriors and flat-front facades – CAPECOD
Join the table – GRABASEAT
Kind of vest – KEVLAR
Knew someone, so to speak – HADANIN
Lake ___, where the Chari River empties – CHAD
Letter accompanying a personal statement, informally – REC
Liable to be lost, in a way – UNSAVED
Meets and eats, perhaps – DOESLUNCH
Oktoberfest buy – LAGER
Oktoberfest buys – STEINS
Old-fashioned endings? – DEES
One who puts down a few chips? – SNACKER
One-named singer with the 1968 hit ‘Abraham, Martin and John’ – DION
Panaceas – ELIXIRS
Parts of a platform – STANCES
Piece of intimate wear – SLIP
Publisher of ‘The 1619 Project,’ for short – NYT
Puts down a few chips, maybe – BETS
Quantitative analyst’s fodder – DATASET
She was Time magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year – THUNBERG
Smartphone screen displays – ALERTS
Split payment – ALIMONY
Stephen of BBC’s ‘The Honourable Woman’ – REA
Stuck a fork in, say – STABBED
Take a ___ – KNEE
Take a ___ – RISK
That’s a wrap! – STOLE
Things auditors watch for – TAXDODGES
Title sort of person in 2008’s Best Picture – SLUMDOG
Top – ACME
Turns up – COMES
United Airlines hub, for short – SFO
What may be corrected on a trans person’s birth certificate – DEADNAME
Where to see Print – FILEMENU
Word with rain or rock – ACID
Work on some issues together? – COEDIT
Yak, yak, yak – RAMBLEON


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