USA Today Crossword Answers – Saturday September 11 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Saturday September 11 2021. USA Today Crossword answers, USA Today Crossword Answers on Saturday September 11 2021, USA Today Crossword Solutions, USA Today Crossword Answers – Saturday September 11 2021
Ditto’ – SAME
‘I hear that!’ – AMEN
‘If you ask me . . .’ in texts – IMHO
‘OMG I just got it!’ – AHA
‘So You Want to Talk About ___’ – RACE
‘thank u, next’ singer Grande – ARIANA
‘That makes sense’ – ISEE
Artist Yoko – ONO
Author Min Jin ___ – LEE
Barge ___ (rudely interrupt) – INON
Begin enthusiastically – DIVEIN
Belgrade citizen – SERB
Betrayal at House on the Hill genre – HORROR
Biergarten selection, maybe – ALE
Bring onto the team – HIRE
Busy hospital areas (Abbr.) – ERS
Chats – TALKS
Cold War country – USSR
Color of a black widow’s hourglass – RED
Complete and utter – TOTAL
Ctrl-Z command – UNDO
Curving trajectories – ARCS
Damage by rubbing – CHAFE
Disc with a B-side – RECORD
Exorcism target – DEMON
Fashionable – CHIC
France of ‘Queer Eye’ – TAN
Game where pairs lock lips – SPINTHEBOTTLE
Game where the loser is left standing – MUSICALCHAIRS
Game with taps on the head – DUCKDUCKGOOSE
Gefilte fish ingredient – CARP
Get an A on – ACE
Get the ball in the net – SCORE
Go bad – ROT
Hospital scan – MRI
It might be tough to break one – HABIT
Jump to conclusions – ASSUME
Kept in the email thread – CCED
Large concert venue – ARENA
Large fair – EXPO
Latin for ‘eggs’ – OVA
Like a techie, say – NERDY
Like kappa, in the Greek alphabet – TENTH
Like the taste of citrus fruits – TART
Make giggle – AMUSE
Martini garnishes – OLIVES
Musical pause – REST
Name that sounds like the fourth letter of the alphabet – DEE
Not in class – ABSENT
Off in the distance – AFAR
Old enough to buy CBD, say – OFAGE
Onstage hosts – EMCEES
Org. with a Women’s Rights Project – ACLU
Palpitate – THROB
Performer memorizing lines – ACTOR
Pet from a shelter – RESCUE
Placed – LAID
Prefix for ‘dynamic’ – AERO
Purple flower – LILAC
Restorative cocktail – PICKMEUP
Scared yelp – EEK
Sculpting substance – CLAY
Self-moving vacuum – ROOMBA
Skin-smoothing spa treatment – FACEPEEL
Some job bonuses – PERKS
Somewhat – ABIT
Space Mountain, e.g – RIDE
Succeed, like a joke – LAND
Unadorned – BARE
Uppermost limit – MAX
Vietnamese noodle soup – PHO
Wheat gluten – SEITAN
Winemakers’ vessels – VATS
Word aptly found in ‘plaudits’ – LAUD
___ de Mexico (capital abbreviated as CDMX) – CIUDAD
___ tots – TATER
___-Air (L.A. neighborhood) – BEL
___-Wan Kenobi – OBI


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