New York Times Crossword Answers – Tuesday September 14 2021


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Tuesday September 14 2021.
.. said ___ ever’ – NOONE
‘Einstein,’ sarcastically – IDIOT
‘Everything happened so fast!’ – ITSABLUR
‘Midsommar’ director Aster – ARI
‘Music’s most maligned genre,’ per critic Tom Connick – EMO
‘My word!’ – ISAY
‘See ya’ – IMOUT
‘Sorry, Charlie!’ – NODICE
‘Take me ___’ – ASIAM
‘To …’ things – ODES
‘We’re live!’ studio sign – ONAIR
‘___ 17’ (W.W. II film) – STALAG
‘___ Gone Wrong’ (2021 film) – RONS
‘___ pass Go …’ – DONOT
‘___ put our heads together …’ – IFWE
77-Down is on the most collected one in U.S. history – STAMP
Acrobatic – AGILE
Amp knob – TREBLE
Ancient land in Asia Minor – IONIA
Ancient: Prefix – PALEO
Any of the groupings of circled letters in this puzzle – PUNCTUATIONMARK
Approaches – NEARS
Arises (from) – STEMS
Away – NOTIN
Bacteria destroyer – PHAGE
Bits on book jackets – BIOS
Boring – HOHUM
Brunch beverage – MIMOSA
Burn prevention meas – SPF
By birth – NEE
Card game with a PG-rated name – OHHELL
Carpenter’s wedge – SHIM
Cause of undue anxiety – BUGABOO
Cell component – ANODE
Chaotic skirmish – MELEE
City hazard – SMOG
City whose police cars are adorned with a witch logo – SALEM
Departed by plane – FLEWOUT
Die like the Wicked Witch of the West – MELT
Digs up – EXHUMES
Dino’s tail? – SAUR
Does gentle stretching post-exercise, with ‘down’ – COOLS
Domino, e.g – SUGAR
Domino, e.g – TILE
Duck and goose, at times – VERBS
Duke’s org – ACC
E.R. inserts – IVS
Eastern cicada killers, e.g – WASPS
Epiphany – AHAMOMENT
Fail to mention – OMIT
Faint color – TINGE
Farm female – HEN
Farm refrain – EIEIO
Fashion designer Geoffrey – BEENE
Fight tooth and nail – CLAW
Fits together – NESTS
Forman who directed ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ – MILOS
Fragrant compound – ESTER
Frank – WIENER
French port on the English Channel – CALAIS
French pronoun – MOI
Gin product – COTTON
Give zero stars – PAN
Golf course machine – MOWER
Green vehicle – ECOCAR
Group dance popularized in the U.S. by Desi Arnaz – CONGALINE
Half-baked? – RARE
Have a good cry – SOB
He performed 636 consecutive sold-out shows in Vegas from 1969 to ’76 – ELVIS
High degree – NTH
Hogwash – ROT
Hot, mulled punch traditionally drunk around Christmas – WASSAIL
How Alaska ranks first among the states – INAREA
How to see the image formed by this puzzle’s circled letters – ROTATECLOCKWISE
Incredible bargains – STEALS
Information, old-style – TIDINGS
It may be smoked – HAM
It may run from an emotional situation – MASCARA
It’s often left on the table – FORK
Jump over – LEAPFROG
Leading medal winner at the Tokyo Olympics – USA
Like the dog days of summer – HUMID
Like the Minotaur legend – CRETAN
Make restitution – ATONE
Makes less powerful, in video game slang – NERFS
Martinez with a statue outside the Seattle Mariners’ stadium – EDGAR
Messes up – ERRS
Move obliquely – SIDLE
Munch, in modern slang – NOM
Muse of love poetry – ERATO
Ne’er-do-wells – LOWLIFES
No-longer-current source for current events – NEWSREEL
Not at all popular – HATED
Not exactly – ORSO
One arm held up with bent elbow and wrist, in a children’s song – SPOUT
One of the brothers on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ – REESE
One of two in a jack-o’-lantern? – HYPHEN
One who consumes a ritual meal to absolve the souls of the dead – SINEATER
Org. that flew a helicopter on Mars in 2021 – NASA
Pal, in Peru – AMIGO
Part of U.C.L.A – ANGELES
Pasta topper – PESTO
Pasta topper – RAGU
Phenomenon such as the tendency to see human forms in inanimate objects – PAREIDOLIA
Plant said to repel bugs – FLEABANE
Pol in the ‘I am once again asking …’ meme – BERNIE
Pump some weights – LIFT
Purse – BAG
Put one’s nose where it doesn’t belong – SNOOP
Puts pressure (on) – LEANS
Quarter ___ (when the big hand is at three) – AFTER
Resolves out of court – SETTLES
Rey, to Luke Skywalker – PROTEGE
Roc-A-___ Records – FELLA
Room in Clue – HALL
Rounded quarters – IGLOOS
Saturn has more than 80 of them – MOONS
Savory Chinese snacks – TEAEGGS
School – EDUCATE
Show with over 1,000 handwritten cue cards each week, for short – SNL
Singer/drummer Collins – PHIL
Smoking and swearing, e.g – VICES
Soul-seller of legend – FAUST
Suggestions – INPUT
Sword handles – HILTS
Syracuse Mets and Worcester Red Sox, for two – AAATEAMS
Table part – LEG
The future Henry V, to Falstaff – HAL
They await your return, in brief – IRS
They come with bouquets – WINES
Tilt-a-Whirl, e.g – RIDE
Title for Tussaud: Abbr – MME
University of Oregon site – EUGENE
Vaccine-approving agcy – FDA
Voice actor Blanc – MEL
Weight of a paper clip, roughly – GRAM
What ‘vey’ of ‘Oy, vey!’ translates to – WOE
What can make men swear from menswear? – SPACEBAR
What’s formed by the circled letters in this puzzle – SMILEYFACE
Where charity begins, in a phrase – ATHOME
Where the lacrimal glands can be found – EYES
Without stopping – NOEND
Word with level or lion – SEA
x, y and z – AXES
[Mwah!] – AIRKISS
___ Games, company behind Fortnite – EPIC
___ Ryerson, insurance salesman in ‘Groundhog Day’ – NED


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