Universal Crossword Answers – Monday September 20 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Monday September 20 2021.
“Alas!” – WOEISME
“Auld ___ Syne” – LANG
“Got it” – ISEE
“Jaywalking” comedian – LENO
*”I Know What You Want” rapper – BUSTARHYMES
*Calligraphy, say – LOSTART
*Handed over one’s card at the bar – STARTEDATAB
*One primarily attracts vacationers – TOURISTAREA
A square one is said to be healthy – MEAL
Addams family cousin – ITT
Awkward years, often – TEENS
Basis – ROOT
Berry in a bowl – ACAI
Bombard with colorful language – CUSSAT
Bracelet trinkets – CHARMS
Bro, maybe – SIB
Canonized people: Abbr – STS
Center of an olive – PIT
Close, like jeans – ZIP
Color named for a mole – TAUPE
Container for tips – JAR
Cupid’s counterpart – EROS
Diet with fat bombs – KETO
Double ___ (extra-boozy brew) – IPA
Expresses discontent for – BOOSAT
First in line – NEXT
Fixtures that may contain “lava” – LAMPS
Four-award achievement, for short – EGOT
Give a stump speech – ORATE
Guevara in Cuban history – CHE
Guiding night light? – POLARIS
Hit the slopes with a canopy – PARASKI
Introductory musical passage – VAMP
Is in the past? – WAS
Joy Reid, for “The ReidOut” – HOST
Latin list ender – ETALIA
Lawyerly letters – ESQ
Lead in to “boy” or “girl” – ATTA
Like a queen – STATUESQUE
Like a shabby sweater – RATTY
Loafs – IDLES
Meteor, and a hint to the word that descends in the starred clues’ answers … and this puzzle’s grid – FALLINGSTAR
Min.’s counterpart – MAX
MMA match ending – TKO
Movers’ vehicles – VANS
Movie parts – ROLES
Much of Greenland, ironically – ICE
Munched on – ATE
Muppet who hosts “The Not-Too-Late Show” – ELMO
Noxious atmosphere – MIASMA
Obama’s birth state – HAWAII
Often-baked pasta – ZITI
Old Russian ruler – TSAR
One’s best, to a coach – AGAME
Outback maker – SUBARU
Parrots and ferrets – PETS
Peach State airport: Abbr – ATL
Peas, for a peashooter – AMMO
Possessed – HAD
Representative symbol – ICON
Repressed, with “up” – PENT
Response to “Marco!” – POLO
Rouse, as an appetite – WHET
Sets one’s booty down – PARKSIT
Slight coloring – TINT
Spheres on a sushi roll – ROE
Tater ___ – TOTS
They twirl batons – MAJORETTES
Thin lock of hair – WISP
TV watchdog org – FCC
Up to one’s ears – AWASH
WaPo rival – NYT
Whale’s weight unit – TON
Witherspoon on “Big Little Lies” – REESE
Word with “dad” or “beach” – BOD
___ Hardware – ACE
___ King Cole – NAT
___-crawly – CREEPY


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