USA Today Crossword Answers – Wednesday October 6 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Wednesday October 6 2021.
‘Correct!’ – YES
‘I want to look!’ – LETMESEE
‘Monday Night Football’ channel – ESPN
‘Well, whoop-de-doo!’ – BIGDEAL
‘Yeah, sure!’ – IBET
‘___ is more’ – LESS
A, in French – UNE
Add fuel to – STOKE
Barrier to teamwork, maybe – EGO
Best Supporting Actress winner for ‘The Fighter’ – MELISSALEO
Business name abbr – INC
Cleaning crew – MAIDS
Clickable symbol – ICON
Coin worth two nickels – DIME
Complete autonomy – FREEREIN
Corrosive chemical – LYE
Crack, like a cryptogram – DECODE
Credit check ID – SSN
Crumb-carrying insect – ANT
Crustacean in ebi tempura – SHRIMP
D&D game runners, for short – DMS
Dextra Quotskuyva, ethnically – HOPI
Doc for a doggy – VET
Drum kit part – SNARE
Electric bass accessory – AMP
Emphatic refusal – OHGODNO
Engine parts – PISTONS
Every last bit – ALL
Fashion designer Sui – ANNA
Feature of some roller coasters – LOOP
First Hmong American to win an Olympic gold medal – SUNISALEE
First player to dunk in a WNBA game – LISALESLIE
Free of charge – PROBONO
Get out of bed – RISE
Illusion in the desert – MIRAGE
Japanese floor mat – TATAMI
Kosher: Jewish :: ___ : Islamic – HALAL
Lighter output – FLAME
Like a desert climate – ARID
Like something that wears things away – EROSIVE
Like the noble gases – INERT
Martial arts teacher – SENSEI
Masala ___ (spiced tea) – CHAI
Metal in some foil – TIN
Move like a buoy – BOB
Much-admired person – IDOL
Name that sounds like a month – MAE
Nassau’s country – BAHAMAS
Neckwear clip – TIEBAR
Not as tight – LOOSER
Not subject to taxes – EXEMPT
Not yet accomplished – UNMET
Nothing – NADA
Often-seared tuna – AHI
Perform before a headlining band – OPEN
Place for a crown – HEAD
Place for a cuddly kitty – LAP
Potato state (Abbr.) – IDA
Prepares – PRIMES
Prominent elephant part – EAR
Prophets – ORACLES
Public health org – CDC
Remove all traces of – ERASE
Speck in the sea – ISLE
Steal from – ROB
Story published in installments – SERIAL
Substance with a pH under 7 – ACID
Surrounded by – AMID
Sushi bar appetizer – EDAMAME
Sweet and sour sauce color – RED
Taiwan’s capital – TAIPEI
Take a load off – RELAX
Teens may have fake ones (Abbr.) – IDS
The ‘E’ of HOMES – ERIE
Threatening – OMINOUS
Word on a ‘Hello!’ tag – NAME
World domination board game – RISK
___ Gan Ma sauce – LAO


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