NY Times Mini Crossword October 9 2021 Answers


Here are the answers to NY Times Mini Crossword Saturday October 9, 2021
Like a martini without much vermouth – DRY
In ___ (stuck) – AJAM
Part of a string quartet – VIOLA
Aronofsky who directed “Black Swan” – DARREN
Partners of cones in the eye – RODS
“That is to say …” – IMEAN
Mr. Monopoly wears one – TOPHAT
Basic Excel function – SUM
Lots of – MANY
Vigilant – ALERT
See 7-Across – JORDAN
“That ship ___ sailed” – HAS
With 9-Across, shoe brand with the Jumpman logo – AIR
Creatively stalled for time – VAMPED
Famous cathedral of Florence – DUOMO
Keep a sauce from congealing – STIR


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