Universal Crossword Answers – `Tuesday October 12 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Tuesday October 12 2021.
“It’s chilly!” – BRR
“Lah-di-___!” – DAH
“Projections” from the sun – RAYS
“Star Wars” princess – LEIA
“United Shades of America” channel – CNN
African animals that whoop – HYENAS
Baby’s response to a pat on the back – BURP
Be an accomplice – ABET
Benz- follower – ENE
Big ones may hinder teamwork – EGOS
Box with a training partner, maybe – SPAR
Brazilian metropolis, informally – RIO
Chill with friends – HANG
Christmas, in Paris – NOEL
Cologne container – VIAL
Conked on the head – BOPPED
Courtroom mallet – GAVEL
Craps calculation – ODDS
Crime syndicate head – CAPO
Crop up – ARISE
Donkey noise – BRAY
Eggs of a fish – ROE
Fill with joy – ELATE
Film holder – REEL
Football venue – FIELD
Get a whiff of – SMELL
Greenish-blue – CYAN
Harmonize – SYNC
Involving young patients – PEDIATRIC
Lake bordering Pennsylvania – ERIE
Lifesaver in a hosp – ERDOC
Long leg bone – FEMUR
Megan Thee Stallion or Cardi B – RAPSTAR
Naked mole-___ – RAT
Neighbor of an Armenian – IRANI
Neither hide ___ hair – NOR
Oddly comical – DROLL
One way to be in love – MADLY
Opera with an Ethiopian princess – AIDA
Paid (up) – PONIED
Parks who stood for civil rights while seated – ROSA
Patient in Operation – CAVITYSAM
Pedal to work, perhaps – BIKE
Perplexed – ATSEA
Playing pieces in Candy Land – GINGERBREADKIDS
Reaction to a silly emoji – LOL
Realtor’s favorite word? – SOLD
Reason to say “Oopsie!” – ERROR
Reverberation – ECHO
See 24-Across – PENNYBAGS
Senator’s staffer – AIDE
Shoe that may be bunny-shaped – SLIPPER
Shoplift, say – STEAL
Skiing surfaces – SLOPES
Source of 20s – ATM
Spice mix for meat – DRYRUB
Sports org. for students – NCAA
Sweet’s partner, in a sauce name – SOUR
Sword with a blunted tip – EPEE
Texas Hold ’em stake – ANTE
They’re all the same – COPIES
Thing – OBJECT
Too trusting – NAIVE
Tooth protector – ENAMEL
Treats, as a sprain – ICES
Tres – dos – UNO
Unconventional work of fiction – ANTINOVEL
Victim in Clue – JOHNBODDY
Wanted poster acronym – AKA
Welsh form of “John” – EVAN
What turns on a radio? – KNOB
Widely recognized – ICONIC
With 52-Across, mascot in Monopoly – RICHUNCLE
Word after “fast” or “express” – LANE
You rarely eat just one – PEA
___ bran – OAT
___ de corps (morale) – ESPRIT
___-cone – SNO


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