USA Today Crossword Answers – Friday October 15 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Friday October 15 2021.
‘Am I the problem?’ – ISITME
‘Only Time’ singer – ENYA
‘Stick around!’ – STAY
‘Understand?’ – GETIT
‘You’re it!’ game – TAG
‘___ Kid’ (graphic novel) – NEW
Adorable – CUTE
Alley-___ – OOP
Animal observation expedition – SAFARI
Bawls – WEEPS
Beats by a nose – EDGESOUT
Beautify yourself, say – GLAMUP
Began to eat – DUGIN
Big Apple school – NYU
Boot out – OUST
Branch off – DIVERGE
Bring about – INDUCE
Cantina freebie – AGUA
Charged particle – ION
Cheer at an El Clasico match – OLE
Chemically curled, like hair – PERMED
Chinese dynasty found in the word ‘Shanghai’ – HAN
Code-cracking org – NSA
Color of the rainbow not in the Pride flag – INDIGO
Complete – ENTIRE
Course for some new U.S. residents – ESL
Curved foot part – ARCH
Dentist’s degree – DDS
Do some tailoring – SEW
Drink that might be served with scones – TEA
DVD player’s precedessor – VCR
Evidence – PROOF
Exam for an aspiring doc – MCAT
Fabricated – MADEUP
Fawn’s mom – DOE
Fifth quarters, in sports (Abbr.) – OTS
Flik in ‘A Bug’s Life,’ e.g – ANT
Fuses metal together – WELDS
Gifts at a luau – LEIS
Gratuity – TIP
Great Basin people – UTE
Group with no infighting – UNITEDFRONT
Have a feeling – SENSE
Inject with oxygen – AERATE
Large bird with a pale blue neck – EMU
Like blimp footage – AERIAL
Looks embarrassed – REDDENS
Marshmallow birdie – PEEP
Medication-regulating org – FDA
Member of the fam – SIS
Miles ___ hour – PER
Monopoly acquisition – DEED
Musical lead-ins – INTROS
PC alternative – MAC
Person who might feel out of place on a dude ranch – CITYSLICKER
Person, place or thing – NOUN
Pikachu’s trainer – ASH
Pitch-correcting tool – AUTOTUNE
Places to get oxygen facials – SPAS
Prefix meaning ‘one’ – UNI
Reduces by cutting – PRUNES
Secret schemes within a powerful group – PALACEINTRIGUE
Singer and cat lover Swift – TAYLOR
Some action movie graphics – CGI
Telephone device used less widely since the invention of smartphones (Abbr.) – TTY
That woman – SHE
Trot, e.g – GAIT
Warrant a bleep – CURSE
Water qty – GAL
Without stopping – ONEND
Words preceding ‘You are too!’ – IAMNOT
X-ray alternative, sometimes – MRI
___ Island (NYC borough) – STATEN
___ Martin (sports car) – ASTON
___ to (take care of) – TEND


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