USA Today Crossword Answers – Wednesday October 20 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Wednesday October 20 2021.
‘Couldn’t tell ya!’ – NOIDEA
‘Frog and ___ Together’ – TOAD
‘Just a ___!’ – SEC
‘My Woman’ singer-songwriter – ANGELOLSEN
‘Now I get it!’ – OHH
‘OK, wait, ignore me’ – ILIED
‘On ___ Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker’ – HER
‘POV’ channel – PBS
‘Steven Universe’ creator – REBECCASUGAR
‘That’s gotta hurt’ – OOF
Admired figure – HERO
Alif, ba or ta, for example – LETTER
Approving replies – YESES
Beige-ish shades – TANS
Berry with three syllables – ACAI
Big boss – TOPBANANA
Bit of sleepwear – TSHIRT
Bumbling – INEPT
Capital of Georgia, for short – ATL
Chloe, to Halle Bailey – SISTER
Comedy-___ – DRAMA
Comprehends – GETS
Contend – VIE
Croc’s less aggressive relative – GATOR
Disclaimer in brackets – SIC
Driving app calculations – ETAS
Earth-friendly prefix – ECO
Esoteric – ARCANE
Female mouse – DOE
Finds a sum – ADDS
Flower girl, perhaps – NIECE
Fourth month – APRIL
Friend of Peter Pan – WENDYDARLING
Garment often washed gently – BRA
Gives up working – RETIRES
Grilled fish in sushi – EEL
Irene & Seulgi, e.g – DUO
It’s swung in cricket – BAT
Like Zhenjiang vinegar – AGEDLowest pair in poker – TWOS
Make an oopsie – ERR
Model on the cover of Vogue’s 2021 September issue – PRECIOUSLEE
Name found in ‘mistaken identity’ – ENID
Name that can fill in the blank in ME___H to form a word – NORA
Neighbor of Ore – IDA
Numbers for a statistician – DATA
Opposite of closed – OPEN
Out of style – PASSE
Palindromic dot – PIP
Pasta with angled edges – PENNE
Performer on a stage – ACTOR
Pouch for tea – BAG
Pulitzer Prize, for example – AWARD
Put on the staff – HIRE
Rap producer’s creation – BEAT
Runs anchor in a relay race – GOESLAST
Salicylic acid target – ACNE
Security worker – GUARD
Sheet music symbol – CLEF
Showed feelings – EMOTED
Showed on TV – AIRED
Shrimp paste amounts (Abbr.) – TSPS
Snapshot, for short – PIC
Soca party – FETE
Sound booster – AMP
Sound system – STEREO
Theater levels – TIERS
They offer massages – SPAS
They’re scored in hockey – GOALS
Tries to win over – WOOS
Undercover agents – SPIES
Up-and-___ (rising star) – COMER
Voice lower than tenor – BASS
With ___ (effortlessly) – EASE
Worked too hard, e.g – OVERDIDIT
Workplaces for some nurse managers – ERS
X Games channel – ESPN
___-Latina – AFRO


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