L.A. Times Crosswords Answers – Friday October 22 2021


Here are the answers to L.A. Times Crossword puzzles Friday October 22 2021.
“Famous” cookie guy – AMOS
“Fine, you got me” – ILIED
“Get the picture?” – SEE
“It __ add up” – DOESNT
“No shirt, no shoes, no service,” e.g – RULE
*Arrives back at square one – COMESFULLCIRCLE
*Bamboozled … and what the circled letters, when connected in the proper sequence, can be? – THROWNFORALOOP
*Failed-delivery words – RETURNTOSENDER
1982 sci-fi film set in a computer – TRON
46-yr.-old satire – SNL
Alphabetical lunch – BLT
Amazon Fire TV Stick alternative – ROKU
Asian language – LAO
Attending – GOINGTO
Beach lotion meas – SPF
Beethoven’s “Waldstein,” e.g – SONATA
Best on drums – PETE
Bit of trickery – SCAM
Blow off some steam, maybe? – POLLUTE
Bond, say – ASSET
Brew choices – ALES
Bridge locales – CARDROOMS
Close to a delivery – INLABOR
Cold War initials – USSR
Common keyboard symbol – ARROW
Demolish – WHUP
Diddles (around) – MESSES
Dubai’s fed – UAE
Equal, as a sum – TOTALUPTO
Eyeroll inducer, perhaps, briefly – PDA
Folk tail? – LORE
Geometry figure – AREA
Granola bit – OAT
Home of Triple-A baseball’s Rainiers – TACOMA
Iced tea brand named for a Florida neighborhood – SOBE
Incredulous response to an unexpected revelation – YOUWHAT
Information – DATAIt might keep you up – SNORE
JavaScript lines, say – CODE
Lease alternative – OWN
Lump – CLOD
Many a door opening – KEYSLOT
Many a golfer’s aim – PAR
Many air rifles – BBGUNS
MLB’s Cardinals, on scoreboards – STL
Naval initials – USS
Neruda wrote one to “things” – ODE
NFL’s Cardinals, on scoreboards – ARI
Not seen as much – RARER
One of three companies in the Seiko Group – EPSON
Order to leave – SCAT
Overwhelming homework amount – TON
Oxford campus – OLEMISS
PC component – CPU
Penguin predator – ORCA
Perfect spot – EDEN
Predators named for their prey – ANTEATERS
Rain protection – HOOD
Road Runner frame – CEL
School URL ending – EDU
Searches, like a pig does for truffles – ROOTLES
Show stoppers – ADS
Spec. for tires – PSI
Starts up again – REBOOTS
Stirs up – ROILS
Subsequently – AFTER
Symbol of wisdom – OWL
This clue has on – TYPO
Trilogy with hobbits: Abbr – LOTR
Tuna __ – MELT
Where to see strikes but not strikeouts – ALLEYS
Wilbur of “Charlotte’s Web,” e.g – PIG
Worship – ADORE
__ opposite – POLAR


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