L.A. Times Crosswords Answers – Monday December 6 2021


Here are the answers to L.A. Times Crossword puzzles Monday December 6 2021.
“C’mon, get serious!” … and an admonition evidently ignored by the starts of the answers to starred clues – DONTBESILLY
“Don’t delay!” – NOW
“Notorious” Supreme Court justice, initially – RBG
“Superman”‘ actor Christopher – REEVE
“The jig __” – ISUP
“There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” e.g – ADAGE
“You betcha!” – YEAH
*Bow users’ musical ensemble – STRINGORCHESTRA
*Cage for a bunny – RABBITHUTCH
*Skin response to fear or cold – GOOSEFLESH
*Tool for filling in holes in the wall – PUTTYKNIFE
Actress Zadora – PIA
And so on, briefly – ETC
Answered, as an email – REPLIEDTO
Applies with a Q-tip – DABS
Aspiring DA’s exam – LSAT
Barnes’ bookselling partner – NOBLE
Be obligated to – OWE
Between, in French – ENTRE
Blackjack card – ACE
Botch the job, say – ERR
California county that contains parts of Yosemite National Park – MARIPOSA
Carpenter’s fastener – SCREW
CBS forensic series – CSI
Christmas song – NOEL
Copy on transparent paper – TRACE
Double-reed wind – OBOE
Dutch cheese town – EDAM
Early bird’s reward – WORM
Final Four org – NCAA
Finance whiz Suze – ORMAN
Flip out – GOAPE
Gallic girlfriend – AMIE
Game with putting – GOLF
Gold miner’s staked-out land – CLAIM
Grownup – ADULT
Hooded snake – COBRA
Hosp. triage areas – ERS
Ice cream drink – SHAKE
Indira Gandhi’s father – NEHRU
Is flexible – BENDS
Italian three – TRE
Kitten-lifting spot – NAPE
Lawyer’s filing – BRIEF
Lend an __: listen – EAR
Like a designated driver – SOBER
Materials partner on a repair bill – LABOR
Member of the fam – SIB
Mexican dip – SALSA
Mission to remember – ALAMO
Moody music genre – EMO
More cunning – SLYER
More, in Madrid – MAS
Multiple Grammy winner featured on “Uptown Funk” – BRUNOMARS
NFL tiebreakers – OTS
Oral health initials – ADA
Part of mph – PER
Played the market – INVESTED
Poe’s middle name – ALLAN
Polishes, as text – EDITS
Pre-marital (just barely) promise – IDO
Printer supply – TONER
Prize since 1901 – NOBEL
Promised to tell the truth – SWORE
Racetrack stop – PIT
Rapper __ Kim – LIL
Recycle bin item – CAN
Scotch or masking – TAPE
Ship’s hull region – BILGE
Still-life subject – EWER
Student’s mark – GRADE
Trial judge’s demand – ORDER
Trio in H2O – ATOMS
Vaccination spot – ARM
Wasn’t feeling well – AILED
You, biblically – THEE
__ Grey tea – EARL
__-Magnon – CRO


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