L.A. Times Crosswords Answers – Monday December 13 2021


Here are the answers to L.A. Times Crossword puzzles Monday December 13 2021.
“Am not!” reply – ARESO
“Halt!” – STOP
“Jurassic Park” menace, briefly – TREX
“Semper Fi” org – USMC
“Step __!”: “Outta my way!” – ASIDE
“West Side Story” heroine – MARIA
Achy from exercise – SORE
Agatha Christie play set in Egypt – MURDERONTHENILE
Antony’s last spouse – CLEOPATRA
Apparently are – SEEM
Author Zora __ Hurston – NEALE
Balance sheet item – ASSET
Beneath – UNDER
Broadcasts – AIRS
Cast doubt on – DISCREDIT
Cell pic taker – CAM
Charlemagne’s domain, for short – HRE
City sometimes mistaken for the capital of Nevada – RENO
College sports org – NCAA
Courageous – BRAVE
Crumpets drink – TEA
Disney exec Robert – IGER
Drink replacing “mar” with an apt fruit – APPLETINI
Electrical job – WIRER
Emerson, Lake & Palmer, e.g – TRIO
Enjoy a meal – EAT
Explode in rage – ERUPT
First-aid set – KIT
Foundation – BASIS
Fulfill fully – SATE
German article – EINE
Get close to – NEAR
Golf scorecard numbers – PARS
Hammering tool – MAUL
Health supplements co – GNC
Identify as yours, as baggage – CLAIM
Italian half-dozen – SEI
Like a nonfunctioning vending machine, or what the circled letters are, in two ways – OUTOFORDER
MADD ads, e.g – PSAS
Man or Wight – ISLE
Memorable lioness – ELSA
Mideast ruler – EMIR
Mined resource – ORE
Modern food concern, briefly – GMO
Monster slain by Hercules – HYDRA
Obsolescent document transmitter – FAX
Ocean levels – TIDES
Old horse – NAG
Old West vehicle – WAGON
One ab crunch, say – REP
Opinion piece – EDITORIAL
Painter of limp watches – DALI
Per-hour amount – RATE
Performance sometimes seen through glasses – OPERA
Pond plant with floating “pads” – LILY
Prophet – SEER
Regular cybersecurity measure – PASSWORDRESET
Rod partner – REEL
Santa helper – ELF
Scat legend Fitzgerald – ELLA
Self-inflicted tennis mistake – UNFORCEDERROR
Shrek and family – OGRES
Sneezing sound – ACHOO
Spanish aunt – TIA
Swedish pop group – ABBA
Take a break – REST
The “L” in “SNL” – LIVE
Things best not all put in one basket? – EGGS
Thurman on screen – UMA
To __ her own – EACH
True-__ test – FALSE
Try to stop – DETER
TV Mister with a “neighborhood” – FREDROGERS
Vampire’s undoing – STAKE
Win by a __: barely beat – HAIR
Work on, as a bone – GNAW


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