New York Times Crossword Answers – Tuesday October 13 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Tuesday October 13, 2020.
‘Gypsy’ composer Jule – STYNE
‘How ya holding up?’ – FEELOK
‘SportsCenter’ network – ESPN
Achy – SORE
Administer an oath to – SWEARIN
Aid for making signs – STENCIL
Angsty music genre – EMO
Battling all out – ATWAR
Between ports – ASEA
Bob Dylan song that was a #2 hit for Peter, Paul & Mary – BLOWININTHEWIND
Burn soother – ALOE
Bygone days, old-style – ELD
Canadian dollar coin – LOONIE
Casual hellos – YOS
Circumstance that’s good for everyone … with a hint to 17-, 25- and 44-Across – WINWINSITUATION
Comic Atkinson of ‘Bean’ and ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’ – ROWAN
Composer Bartók – BELA
D sharp equivalent – EFLAT
Device for pulling a vehicle – TOWINGWINCH
Dicing food or turning on the oven, e.g – PREP
Director Anderson – WES
Dishes created at restaurant ‘bars’ – SALADS
End of an era? – ONEBC
Ephron who co-wrote and directed ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ – NORA
Flows’ opposite – EBBS
Follower of face or fork – LIFT
Frédéric who composed the ‘Revolutionary’ Étude – CHOPIN
Global financial org – IMF
Harmless – BENIGN
It’s a cinch – BELT
Lacks – HASNOT
Last words – EPILOG
Like steak tartare – RAW
Looked at – LAIDEYESON
Lyricist Gershwin – IRA
O’Brien of late-night TV – CONAN
Online business – ETAIL
Parent of – EBAY
Part of a witch’s Halloween mask – WART
Perfect partner for life – ONEANDONLY
Person with log-in information – USER
Power-hungry people have big ones – EGOS
Prefix with potent – OMNI
Proctor’s call – TIME
Quilting or embroidery – CRAFT
Red state? – SNIT
Release, as a single – DROP
Requirement for a background check, for short – SSN
Resource from a bog – PEAT
Result of a fender bender – DENT
Sarcastic laugh syllable – HAR
Single-serve coffee holders – KCUPS
Sly signal – KNOWINGWINK
Snoops (around) – NOSES
Snoozes – NAPS
Some musical compositions – SONATAS
Some shapes on lab slides – BLOBS
Something of little matter? – ATOM
Stage that may have bugs – BETA
Strand during a winter trip, say – ICEIN
Surrealist Salvador – DALI
Swahili ‘sir’ – BWANA
Take a Tinder match offline, say – MEET
Target for a drug-sniffing dog – STASH
The ‘Iliad’ or the ‘Odyssey’ – EPIC
Things confessed during confession – SINS
Things separated by intermissions – ACTS
This evening, in commercialese – TONITE
Top-of-the-line – AONE
Trios, quartets, etc – GROUPS
Untrue – FALSE
Warning on an airplane wing – NOSTEP
[That is so boring!] – YAWN
___ Woodman (visitor to Oz) – TIN


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