New York Times Crossword Answers – Wednesday October 14 2020


Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Wednesday October 14, 2020.
Count me in’ – IMGAME
‘Goodness me!’ – ILLBE
‘Step right up!’ – NEXT
‘The Simpsons’ shopkeeper – APU
‘They’re creepy and they’re ___’ (start of the ‘Addams Family’ theme song) – KOOKY
‘Well, I guess so’ – AHOK
*1st and 5th – HANGLOOSE
*1st separate, 2nd and 3rd together, and 4th and 5th together – VULCANSALUTE
*2nd and 3rd crossed – HOPEFULLY
*2nd and 3rd separated – VICTORY
101 – BASIC
14 pounds, in Britain – STONE
Adult insect stage – IMAGO
Apt rhyme for ‘shriek’ – EEK
Biblical kingdom in modern-day Jordan – MOAB
Cajun cooking staple – OKRA
Capital at an elevation of 12,000 feet – LHASA
Charges – ATTACKS
Chateaux-lined river – LOIRE
Disciplinary – PENAL
Display contempt for, in a way – SPITON
Dot follower – EDU
Encourage – EGGON
Extra on ‘Star Trek’ – YEOMAN
Extremely cold – GELID
Far from harbor – ASEA
Former performing orca – SHAMU
Four-time Grammy winner Lovett – LYLE
Garment often made of silk – SARI
Goddesses of the seasons – HORAE
Gold and silver have them, but not bronze – ORES
Govt.-backed security – TNOTE
Hall’s partner – OATES
High rollers’ preference, perhaps – NOLIMIT
Irk – VEX
Kid-centric org – PTA
Lab test – ASSAY
Language with more than 25 vowel sounds – LAO
Long-stemmed mushroom – ENOKI
Low, creaky speaking register – VOCALFRY
Minions’ leader in ‘Despicable Me’ – GRU
Newswoman Phillips – KYRA
Off-the-neck style – UPDO
Outcome of being fired? – ASH
Pen that’s full of oink? – STY
Perched on – ATOP
Playbill part, informally – BIO
Popular beachwear – SUNGLASSES
Potent strain of marijuana – KUSH
Response to ‘Am not!’ – ARESO
Sanctions – OKS
So much, in music – TANTO
Soap that comes in blue-green bars – ZEST
Some natural hairstyles – AFROS
Spongy growth – MOSS
Spot for a sitting duck – NEST
Square – PLAZA
Strand at an airport, maybe – FOGIN
This puzzle’s solver – YOU
Tied in ___ – AKNOT
Traverses 48-Down, in a way – RAFTS
Tries something – GIVESITAGO
Unable to answer any more clues, say – STUCK
View from Liechtenstein – ALP
Water hazards – RAPIDS
Water slide – CHUTE
What each number in the starred clues represents – DIGIT
When Aida dies in Verdi’s ‘Aida’ – ACTIV
Where Ross taught paleontology on ‘Friends,’ for short – NYU
With ‘please’ or ‘if I may,’ say – POLITELY
Word that becomes its own opposite if its first letter is removed – SHE
Word with shirt or grounds – POLO
[Not my error] – SIC
___ and wiser – OLDER
___ trip – EGO


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