Crossword Answers – Saturday November 21 2020


Here are the answers to Crossword puzzles Saturday November 21, 2020.
”See what you think” – TRYONE
”The WOW of a professional clean” brand – ORALB
”Why, oh why, can’t I?” lyricist – HARBURG
’60s ”What’s My Line?” regular, pre-TV stardom – ALDA
Aesthetes’ bane – KITSCH
Armata confligit – BELLI
Bashes – BIGDOS
Been-there-done-that – UNAWED
Bounced off – RANBY
Bring around – REVIVE
Bristle with – ABOUNDIN
Charlie’s ”Wall Street” girlfriend – DARYL
Compatibility obstacle, perhaps – AGEGAP
Creative inspiration – BASIS
Crime news blog – APB
Deep understanding – INTIMACY
Delivery room volunteer – DOULA
Destroyer on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – GODZILLA
Either half of a bonded pair – LOVEBIRD
Endangered great ape – BONOBO
Endow (with) – VEST
Essentially tealess refreshment – ALE
Fermentation station – VAT
Feudal flunky – RETAINER
Fiesta participant – MARIACHI
Fly back – RECOIL
Francis Bacon’s ”Good breakfast but . . . a bad supper” – HOPE
Frenzied but entertaining – CIRCUSY
Go too far with your scheme – OVERPLAN
Group of fibers or flyers – SKEIN
Guy who sounds like a song – HIM
Hard labor – GRIND
High-calorie, as some crusts – LARDY
History makers – FIRSTS
In installments – SERIAL
In progress – GOING
Indelicate – RISQUE
Katy Perry visited their Stockholm museum – ABBA
Make merry – ELATE
Many a DC senator – ATTY
Metaphor for the body – CLAY
MGM Roman blockbuster – QUOVADIS
Name on two histories – HENRYIV
One of 100+ for Mr. Tesla – USPATENT
Oral exams of a sort – EYETESTS
Overly inventive one – LIAR
Parisian’s ”Rats!” – ZUT
Polished – URBANE
Postgame declaration – IWIN
Preceder/follower of ”yes” – SIR
Pregame declaration – TAILS
Protector of ancient Athens – IRENE
Quibble – PLAINT
Reproachful remark – THATHURT
Ripe for romance, as a stroll – MOONLIT
Scorsese major at NYU – ENG
Shielding figure – SPF
Sideline – IDLE
Something seen at sari shows – NAVEL
Sound of a Snoopy fall – WHAM
Spanish bishop in ”The Da Vinci Code” – MOLINA
Strong insistence – AVOWAL
Supporting Actor Oscar role for ’77 – OBIWAN
The Whopper Detour got one for 2019 – CLIO
Things ruled on by umpires – SLIDES
Threes of a kind – TRIADS
Tone of twilight – INDIGO
Try to catch – WOO
Very far from cloistered – ABROAD
Wet blanket – DRAG
[We are not amused] – UGH


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