Crosswords Answers – Saturday July 24 2021


Here are the answers to Crossword puzzles Saturday July 24 2021.
”Título después del matrimonio”: Abbr – SRA
”Who has deceiv’d thee as __ as thy self”: Franklin – OFT
Action or war – FILMGENRE
Add to the list – SLATE
Amenities for upscale campouts – ACS
Antipathetic – LOATH
Asp kin in Psalms – ADDER
Avatar embodiment – GOD
Be all over the map – ROVE
Brand for those who watch their tone – OLAY
Brassy bearing – STRUT
Call up – EVOKE
Catch used as currency in old England – EELS
Certain class uniforms – GIS
Consider in detail – PARSE
Consultation remunerations – FEES
Content provider? – GOODMOOD
Course with what Martha Stewart calls a ”powerhouse vegetable” – KALESALAD
Court arbiter – NBAREFEREE
Coy rejoinder – MOI
Crush something – NAILIT
Cut out – DEDUCT
Disciplinary programs – REGIMENS
Diver’s defense – KNIFE
Duke of Soria, vis-à-vis King Felipe VI – TIO
Durable group – OLDFRIENDS
Exhibits, with ”out” – TROTS
Expound on nothing in particular – YAK
Fill in the blanks, speculatively – INFER
Golf club design specs – LOFTS
Hairy-footed hero/narrator – BILBO
Handled lightly, with ”with” – TOYED
Hard to read at the table – POKERFACED
Hershey employee who became a rival – REESE
Hitting the nail on the head – WELLSTATED
Hustled – SCAMMED
Hymn recorded by Caruso – AVEMARIA
Initial venture – FORAY
It’s carried out – TOGOORDER
JFK predecessor (by nine years) – LGA
Kept anchored – SET
Kept out of view? – UNAIRED
Knots up – EVENS
Leading to a judgment – EVALUATIVE
Mag into trendspotting – ELLE
Minimum opener – ATA
Modern bibliography listing – URL
Momentous – FATEFUL
More than fully cover – INUNDATE
One of Harrison’s heroes – HAN
Onetime HuffPost parent – AOL
Paleoanthropological paradise – AFRICA
Practice following a lunar calendar – ISLAM
Principle of harmony – TAO
Put too much into – OVERCROWD
Rickshaw family member – PEDICAB
Smartphone add-on – SKIN
Star that might be yellow – DWARF
Substance – GIST
Support for the faithful – PEW
Swimsuit cover-up – SARONG
Taco truck descriptor – ASADA
Thor’s mother in the Marvel Universe – RUSSO
Time for many an MGM premiere – FRI
Tranquil – STAID
Travelers joined it in 1998 – CITI
Unfortunate, ”poor” person – DEVIL
Unsociable – ALOOF
Very little – ADAB
What the Tibetan Plateau caused to form – GOBIDESERT
Winter Olympics venue before the Helsinki Summer Games – OSLO
Word from the Greek for ”skill-less person” – IDIOT


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